[ANN] CP2 Mining and Shareholding Asset - Weekly Dividends - (Verified by Haitch)

  • CP2

    Hello fellow Burstcoin Lovers 🙂

    The goal of this asset is to have constantly increasing ROI
    2 revenue sources,
    Share holdings and Burstcoin Mining
    50% of the burst generated from the share sales will be invested in other assets.
    50% will be invested in mining power potentially 250TB+

    There will be 1,000,000 shares at 20Burst each
    Shares will be sold in 25k bundles totaling 500k Burst,
    250k will go towards purchasing more shares in different assets
    250k will go towards purchasing mining power anywhere between 8TB and 5tb depending on the value of burst at the time
    100% of asset share holding revenue will be sent as dividends as well as
    80% of Mining revenue
    The other 20% will be a for a Maintenance fee and constant Reinvestment
    (15% Reinvestment - 5% Maintenance )

    In no particular order , the Assets that we will be buying into for the asset are
    402 8947810155983655217
    500k 12427301476308139534
    Burstcombo 3558383635212006927
    Casino 15266167261394017138
    CCM100 5255893438014874161
    CCMiner100 4496198869167276848
    Energizer 3855145173095950761
    Lex4all 2264511436216725766
    Mbs1001 13523174467768818164
    MIA 16178492568315119941
    Ogburst 17151315391910725658
    Uniburst 6503640249706792397
    World mine 11783342878931880450
    MegaBurst 8725117997813711133
    WorldMine 11783342878931880450

    If There are any assets you would like us to add or remove please tell me

    Buy backs & Asset lifetime
    If something comes up and i am unable to process the weekly dividends ChilleyPanda2 to carry out the dividends for that week
    If something happens in my personal life or if I simply want to cancel the asset the buyback prices will be as followed
    Any time before 31/12/17 the buy order will be placed at 25Burst per share
    Any time after 31/12/17 and before 30/6/18 the buy order will be placed at 20burst per share
    Any time after 30/6/18 and before 31/12/18 the buy order will be placed at 10 burst per share
    Any time between 1/1/19 and 31/12/19 the buy order will be set at 5 burst per share
    Any time after the 31/12/19 there will be no buy back orders in place if I cancel the asset,
    However, the last payment WILL be a big one
    Please keep in mind that I intend to keep this asset going until there is no more burst to be mined and that is a long time
    So Invest with confidence

    Shares will be sold in 25k bundles totaling 500k Burst,
    250k will go towards purchasing more shares in different assets
    250k will go towards purchasing mining power anywhere between 8TB and 5tb depending on the value of burst at the time


    Dividends will be done weekly, some point every Tuesday (NZDT)
    All updates will be posted in reply to this thread by ChilleyPanda2 or Luke1219


  • Anything unique about it? Theres already alot of assets just like this

  • Forgot to say this in the release, but there will be a couple hundred dollars every few weeks from our pockets going into this asset, Buying more hard-drives, to make this asset bigger and better!

  • And do you have a portfolio yet?

  • A small one

    Asset Quantity Total Available Percentage Lowest Ask Highest Bid Value in BURST Transfer
    402 1 100'000'000 0.00% 5 4 4 Transfer
    btcdragon 104 1'000'000 0.01% 115.5 103 10'712 Transfer
    BurstCombo 1 1'000'000 0.00% 48.9999 35 35 Transfer
    casino 1 1'000'000 0.00% 309 265 265 Transfer
    CCM100 622 6'000'000 0.01% 9.3 8.1101 5'044.4822 Transfer
    CCMINER100 300 600'000 0.05% 9.8 8.51 2'553 Transfer
    CP2 1'000'000 1'000'000 100.00% 20 / / Transfer
    Energizer 190 1'000'000 0.02% 12.5 / / Transfer
    Lex4All 1 5'000'000 0.00% 15 14.5 14.5 Transfer
    MBS1001 1 200'000 0.00% 27 10 10 Transfer
    MegaBurst 37 100'000 0.04% 99.95 97.5 3'607.5 Transfer
    MIA 7 1'000'000 0.00% 9.5 8.41 58.87 Transfer
    MikeTheMug 4 1'000'000 0.00% 4.824 3.2 12.8 Transfer
    OGburst 1 312'500 0.00% 110 86 86 Transfer
    UniBURST 1 1'000'000 0.00% 229 216 216 Transfer
    v2Pool 1 1'000'000 0.00% 4.99 3.251 3.251 Transfer
    WorldMine 1 1'000'000 0.00% 97 90 90 Transfer
    YASA 69 1'000'000 0.01% 19.9999999 16.42069 1'133.02761 Transfer

    First personal investment will be 100Kish in shares

  • Sounds really good, will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

  • @Luke1219 Don't you already issued a mining asset? Why another one? This represent a huge red flag for me tbh...

  • @gpedro This is a joint asset between me and him, It just was not made completely clear in this release.

  • I think you should just stick with your mining asset and improve it, already alot of invesmebt assets out there

  • I am rapidly improving Energizer so currently the shares that have been sold equal around 20TB i went out and bought 30TB+ extra

    @gpedro could you please elaborate on why CP2 is a redflag for you?
    CP2 is a asset that ChilleyPanda and I will both be running,
    All mining equipment will be setup at Chilleys' location While I will manage the Purchasing of shares

  • Luke why wouldn't they approve your asset across the street?

  • Is the cp2 asset up and mining at the moment? if so what are some of the specs on the rig?

  • not up to their standards YET,
    and there is around 2tb plotting, another 5 or so coming this week with 100kBurst going into shares

  • Why is it not up to their standards? If you don't mind me asking please sir.

    So the CP2 is plotting 2TB and not currently mining? What specs on CP2 mining pc?

  • It is not up to their standards i think because its not big enough yet
    2tb plotting 5tb coming next few days..
    The Mining setup is a
    Intel core i3 540
    Asus p8z77-m pro
    8gb ddr3

    Plotting is a
    AMD FX-8350

    it does the job but there will be a Upgrade coming in the near future as the asset gets bigger and bigger!

  • Sounds good. Keep us updated on how the plotting goes and some statistics when it starts mining. I might buy some then.

  • Will do!

  • @Dillion Yes thanks

  • When will the first dividend be wanna map myself 🙂 @ChilleyPanda2 @Luke1219

  • I picked up a few shares 🙂