Getting less Burst

  • Ever since I had to replot my hard drive and when I optomized the plots, I am getting less and less Burst. Before I was getting roughly 400-500 Burst a day but now I am getting 140-180. Is this an issue or just Burst decreasing?

  • admin

    @mathew Probably just luck - your earning wills vary, on a bad day you might get 200 or less, but if you hit a deadline one day, you'll get maybe 2,000.

    Any warning/errors being generated on the miner? Is you total capacity reporting the same as it did previously ?

  • @haitch There are no warnings and yes it is reporting the same total capacity as last time.

  • admin

    It is not burst reward decreasing, that only happens every month by 5%.
    Pleas be more concrete on you statistics ... and do not count day earnings ... you get a better overview if you compare week earnings.

  • It also depends on how many GB's we are competing with. It increases day by day as more people start mining bursts.
    But the bottomline is luck.