I haven't seen any "down the road" price speculations recently

  • I remember a while back last year everyone was talking about a $1 Burstcoin. I think a couple months later people realized that isn't as obtainable as they thought, and were talking about a $0.01 - $0.10 Burstcoin (obviously a while from now). Anyways, is the 1 to 10 cent value for a Burstcoin "down the road" still possible?

  • @xenomorph I got into Burst thinking the same thing. I'd say it's still profitable short term if you have money to invest but as far as long term i'm starting to think maybe I wasted a little time.

  • @xenomorph Burst has matured and the early adopters who only see the next shiny object have gone leaving behind a core community of investors and swing traders. This makes it stable with reliable exchange movement, it's easy to pull in a nice profit just swing trading on the 2-3 day range or piling mining yields into assets. Those of us who like making a consistent profit will hang in there, those of us who are looking to gamble and win the bitcoin lottery will move on. It's not about getting the price to $1, it's about keeping it alive and profitable, whatever the price.