What u think?

  • Hi guys

    I had some idea and would love to hear what u think about it!

    I wanna launch an assets that is backed from my asset portfolio and my 10 tb miner
    The idea is to release 10 × 100000 assets at a price of 10 burst per share and payout a div of 1% each week

    90% off the assets sold woulb be reinvested to buy moore assets to back that 1% roi if there is moore burst to payout i will this also invest in assetets aftet all assets are sold i woulb like to buyback the shares for 20 burst

    5% would go to me and 5% will be invested for the buyback wallet

    So what u guys think about that?
    And sry for my englisch tryed my best 😉

    Greez harrygon

  • Probably needs more thinking. Why don't you create a scenario of using the assets you had in mind. Goto each asset pretend to buy each one at the current market price of which you would have too. Then breakdown the cost of each asset with price paid expected div for the amount of shares. Go to the assets previous payout and look for the payout closest to the shares you pretend to purchase and write down how much you would of received. Are you mining too cause this doesn't look like it can payout as you would of liked.

    Total all div received then continue appling your 1% , 5% figures and lets see were you are at. Most of your buyers might be 10 shares.

    A lot of people don't realize that an asset might of cost them 20,000 burst just for 10 shares. Those 10 shares paying you back 1 coin is going to take you 20,000 weeks or months to at least break even before you profit. This depends if the asset pays out dividends weekly/monthly. For you if you have 100,000 maybe buy and sell on an exchange.

  • @Burstde thx for ur reply i will create a scenario of 10 shares per assetholder back ina few hours 🙂


  • To make it easier this what the scenario is based on?
    The idea is to release 10 × 1000 assets at a price of 10 burst per share and payout a div of 1% each week

  • ok i will do that 10 * 1000 and 10 shares per holder coz of the fees need to calculate that too

    thx mate still a newbe on crypto