Bittrex or Poloniex?

  • what is the best and quickest for withdrawals? pricing etc

    which do you prefer and why?

  • I use Poloniex, first and only exchange I've used for Burst so I can't speak about bittrex. But using Poloniex I haven't had any problems maybe just some lengthy deposit time when transferring funds.

    I also use Cryptopia exchange to trade the other not so popular altcoins that I CPU/GPU mine.

  • i also use poloneix.. super easy... but long deposit time about 40 blocks or so before transaction posts..once you get used to that its awesome.

  • I use the 2 and the only difference is that the volume is higher in poloniex, but problems I have not had with any

  • Bittrex is so thinly traded that it's nearly impossible to get out of a position before the price swings elsewhere and arbitrage catches up and kills your trade. Polo is much less risky for short term/swing trading.