Long term investment asset any interest?

  • Hello burst enthusiasts, I am making this post to see if there would be any interest in a long term/low reward asset UNTIL a %roi, the goal initially being 1%roi which is where the percentage of reinvestment would start to change. and the asset would start handing out higher dividends. has been achieved.

    So just a basic rundown of a what I'm thinking.

    The initial goal would be to set up a 50TB forger/miner, some of it coming out of my own pocket. Depending if i can afford to buy it or not. IE if 100k assets sells on 1 day, I wouldn't be able to buy the 9 miners myself, i would buy what i can with the money, and leave the other bursts for reinvestment.

    The initial plan on release would be 100,000 assets at 10 bursts a piece which would total to around 9 5TB External HD's these would be plotted using 3 computer, which specs i'd say are below average to average. (plotting around 2TB's a day on my main computer, the others would be my sisters and parents, whom have both given up living in homes and are staying in an rv, so they're computers are just rotting away.) But they'd still be plotted rather quickly.

    The reason behind the mine, is just if all else fails, the asset will still remain profitable, as it will have been built on a mine, and have a steady source of income, until all burst coins have been mined.

    Now once the mine setup stage has been completed, there will be another 80,000 assets for sale, these will first be available to holders of the asset already, and then be released to the public. The bursts from these assets(and the ones i did not use to purchase the mine) will be invested into other assets, only investing into haitch approved assets, since they have a low risk of being scams, and my goal isn't to lose us money.

    10% of the shares or 20,000 shares will remain in the company, this is for emergency use only and will never be sold unless its a must. If for any reason these stocks are sold, once the asset balances out I will begin to repurchase them at a FAIR price until the 10,000 assets have been repurchased.

    Now here are my thoughts on dividend distribution

    None of these percentages are set in stone, and i would like to see, what possible investors think of them/feel about this. This is a topic i really want to talk about. Since the less dividends at the start the faster the bursts comes in. and the more profit we make in the long run.

    My idea for the asset dividend.


    5% allocation to fixs and a small percentage to myself.
    30% Dividends
    65% Reinvestment

    1% roi achieved

    5% allocation to fixs and a small percentage to myself.
    40% Dividends
    55% Reinvestment

    2% roi achieved

    5% allocation to fixs and a small percentage to myself.
    50% Dividends
    45% Reinvestment

    3% roi achieved

    5% allocation to fixs and a small percentage to myself.
    60% Dividends
    35% Reinvestment

    The main goal would be to never drop below 5% once we get there. The company stocks will always reinvest its stock into the asset. If we would ever fall below a X% roi the stock would fall back into the previous bracket of dividend distribution until that has been fixed.

    Currently im sitting on about 7TB's 2.4TB from the computers (one which is getting plotted right now, one who is arriving in 2 days time.) And my main computer which is plotted, and plotting the 5TB's which has 2TB's plotted on it already.

    now I know scamming is apparently quite the issue here, so I am wanting to get haitch approved if needed. But before that, I wanted to see if there was any interest in this asset.

    I would be completely open with everyone about the mining equipment i'd take pictures of the rigs and upload them.

    Comments and questions are more than welcome, so let me know your thoughts on this.

    There maybe lots of typos I'm not very good at the english language persay haha .

  • @Smokey The thing is, there are already a lot of mining assets and I don't think you will get enough sales. I like your twist with dividends increasing with ROI% but I simply don't think it's enough to bring ppl to you. Also you will most likely never hit 3% ROI with mining as with time, block reward decreses so you will simply stay on same %. This is good idea and you could probably even start with 100%reinvestment unless you hit 1% etc but you need to find some other way of earning money (maybe from buying assets but then you would have to compete with haitch, mathew etc) and add mining power you already have as a bonus.

  • @hyzi0 Oh no, I know im not going to hit the 3% ROI with mining, the mining is just a fail safe, i wanted to have set up. In case the trades would go poorly or x - y happened. I'd basically just set up the mine, so that the asset would always have some sort of value.

    The 100% investment doesn't sound bad, I was thinking about maybe, having it something like week 1 - 2 all gets reinvested. week 3 is purely for dividends and then week 4 is more investment repeat. IE week 3 has the weeks 4- 1- 2 to compound interest before being paid out on week 4. The reason I choose week 3 is basically in case not all the dividends from the investments for w/e reason gets transferred to the account, they'll have a week to come in. so its a bit of a safe zone, and wont really matter for any month other then the first.

    And yeah like i had stated , ill try to get as many mines as possible out of my pocket, to put into this, and reinvest all that into assets. but i cant buy 9 external hard drives out of my pocket, instantly. 1-2 for sure though.

    It'll definitely be a bit harder to burst < ha. into the scene that i know, which is why i wanted to know if there would be any interest in it.

    Would you think doing something more along the lines of, getting 25-30TB's for 50,000 assets, then 50,000 the other into assets, finally completing the mine with another 50,000 assets?

    I am purely theory crafting, thank you for the reply hyzi0! means a lot. I'd like to keep knowing your thoughts on this, as you seem to reasonable.

  • @Smokey Ah my bad, I kind of focused on 1st part of your asset completly forgetting about second part which is investing in assets. That's much better as it has nice potential to grow (if you know in what to invest) thus increasing the price of the asset shares. Then the only thing I'm afraid could happen is our whale once again buying up everything. In my personal opinion it would be good to create far more assets and make distribution around 100k per year at fair price based on ROI% etc. or depending on market sales(if only 10k would sell a month then you could add 1k per month once again on fixed price) Just don't create only 200k assets as I'm sure it all will be gobbled.
    On second thought if ppl weren't receiving divs for a few weeks then it would affect share price so it's probably better to start with your original idea. (Peeps like divs and tend to forget about previous ones. For example it happened to casino asset a month ago). It is also good idea to create charts like ccminer does with overall asset value, previous divs etc.
    All in all I realy like your idea and if you start this asset and get verified then I will surely invest in it^^

  • @hyzi0 Hmm. you make a good point about the low amount of assets. The thing is, i'd have to figure out a system on how to do it. Simply because the people who are buying in, the first 100k-200k assets wont be very happy, if i open up a whole new bunch of assets the second we hit that 1% ROI mark.

    The real reason why i set it to 200k is so it doesn't look like all I'm trying to do is grab peoples money. But if i distributed it in some formal streamline way, that would increase the total profit of the asset i guess theres no real reason not to. As long as it is fair to the veteran asset holders.

    then the last thing would be hitting one of those goal marks, but being dropped out of it because of the new % of the dividend being spread out... Hmm Now you've got me thinking haha.

    Graphs and stuff

    I am 100% going to be showing, spread sheets, I'll most likely be using google spreadsheets, so everyone that holds assets would be able to see what im investing in and have an easy place for me to post pictures, of everything i do on this asset. I also want to include investors input on what assets Money tree invests in, for the ones who would own a bigger part of the assets especially.

    Now you got me thinking about all the number of assets haha, and ill 100% be investing into getting verified. Thanks for your support hyzi0!

  • @Smokey Actually if you set price proportionally to ROI increse then it wouldn't change anything as you would simply buy more assets with it and get ROI back up^^ No problem, I'm looking forward to buying this asset^^
    In addition if you had more assets you could make some polls later on if investors want more assets to be released etc^^ The only downside would be trust issue but I'm sure a lot will understand as recently few assets (Burst Grow, Helium) and few more some time ago were bought up by whale man^^