What is going on with BURST right now?

  • Hi Team,

    I've been super frustrated with BURST lately (and sunk a lot of time money and resources into it!)
    The AIO wallet almost never works.
    The burstcoin.info block explorer is down
    forum.burst-team.us is taking forever to respond in chrome
    pool.burst-team.us is down

    (I've tried all these things on multiple devices / browsers and having the same problem)

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues?
    Is there some kind of attack going on?
    Is it all a coincidence?

    Or am I just doing it all wrong? 😛

  • @altcryptomining i was having the same problem with my wallet the last few days but it does seem to be working a little bit better

  • The AIO works perfectly what does not work or malfunction is the online wallet, the local works perfectly.

    For the rest is suffering a DDoS attack I think they are solving it.

    To my forum except specific moments I work more or less well in chrome

  • admin

    @altcryptomining All the sites you are mentioning are under a ddos attack since almost a week now.

    To use the AIO Client I recommend to update to the newest version (https://sourceforge.net/projects/burstwindowswallet/) and wait until your local wallet is synced to 100%. The online wallet is not reachable from everywhere at the moment.

    If the Local Wallet is not working for you, then go to "Help" -> "Clean up DB" inside the Client. If it still doesn't start up then something with your Java is wrong. Reinstall the 64 bit version would be a good start.

    The Online Wallets are convenient but the whole point of this project is to have decentralization and independency by local wallets instances. Also the wallets have a blockexplorer build in.