Help Optimizing Plots

  • Hey, I'm currently trying to optimize my plots. But it doesn't seem to be working... I'm using this plot optimizer with gui . The optimizer doesn't go beyond "Estimating Time Remaining". I've plotted my plots with the AIO client; I've also read somewhere that the AIO Plotter
    optimizes plots as well as plots them (Not too sure). Could that be the case? Thanks for all the feedback!

  • RE: Also I noticed that in the bottom left of the optimizer it says "File is already optimized". Does that mean it's legitimately optimized already? If so would it be because of the AIO plotter? Thanks 🙂

  • @Jay.f your plots optimized.
    seems you used XPlotter for plotting.

  • newer vertion's of the AIO use Xplotter witch does plot alredy optimised easy way to check is find the plot file and check if the last 2 numbers are the same if not then it's not optimised.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.