• ok, lets reveal the real me.

    Hi, my name is Devin S. I'm 14 years old. I've always been interested in crypto-currencies, and found bitcoin at about June 2015, and forgot about it til gitcoin.gg ( a Micro-earnings site for CS:GO Skins and Bitcoin. ) came out in ~ June 2016

    I found Burst near ~September, thanks @FrilledShark for moving my first post to mining and plotting 🙂
    Ever since I found Burst, ive been really interested in HDD Mining, and was plotting my first drive with the wplotgenerator which burned my cpu up.

    but enough with all the rambling, sorry for lying to you guys about my age on BurstCasino and here too. Ever since I look at the terms and conditions on the site of BurstCasino, I was like they would never find out right? I seen accusations on kids getting banned on the site and my heart started pounding.

    To me, I never seen anything wrong, my dad doesn't like me gambling on my computer but he was really interested in me when I started buying my own stuff online like games with the BURST, I made from the site. He accepted that, I love him for that.

    Ever since I got into the forums, everyone was always nice to me and at BurstCasino too, even when me and @dingostix and @Zeus had fun talking on BurstCasino when it first released. It was fun having people to talk to.

    Well, I don't think I have anything else to say other than that, well at least I got that burden off me, felt really good.

  • @HiDevin
    Hi Devin, well I'm glad you told us the trust, you are now banned from Burst Casino.

    Congratulations on being with cryptocurrency this young ^_^

  • @Zeus thanks. delete the email i sent support already?
    edit: already did. :p

  • @HiDevin Every bet on the casino has a negative expected value, so you are a winner by not playing. Well done on the honesty.

  • @iKnow0 I played. a lot. I made 390k profit from it.

  • @HiDevin hope you withdrew it... 🙂

  • @iKnow0 I did, it was before the site had level system 😛