NEW way to earn Burst Coin

  • I created a site where you can earn as much Burst as you like. finishing up a few more methods now to earn.

    Each week we will try and add more games for you to earn even more coins, as well as other ways to earn. Be sure to meet and socialize with other Members via the Chat on the right hand Side it will slide out for you. You can also Private message Users or use our Forums. We will be working on Mods and More rooms soon.

    In the meantime play as many games as you like as often as you like! earn as much or as little as you wish. You get paid for each level you complete in the FREE games.

    In addition Every Sunday the Top 3 in the leader boards PER game will also receive the following:

    • 1st Place = 20 Coins

    • 2nd Place = 10 Coins

    • 3rd Place = 5 Coins

    We also wanted you to to be able to earn Coins for every day things here on the site like any of the following:

    • 5 On your Birthday

    • 5 Per Referral

    • 5 For Registration

    • 1 Daily visits

    • 1 Per login

    • For watching Videos (coming soon!)

    • For Visiting Websites (coming soon!)

    Become a Investor and earn 2% daily compounded on your investment.

    Advertising makes this possible, if you see a ad that interests you please go ahead and click on it, with that be said we do not endorse any of the products so you must do your own due diligence.

    BUT please note this is not a casino Site but a faucet site.


    Sign up and get your referral code today!

  • @falconCoin That's genius 🙂
    I'm not into faucets myself but will make sure to spread the words out!

    Edit: My wife is addicted to this one: maybe you can get something close to it for Burst

  • Thanks and we are in BETA so please if you find any issues please contact me about them.

    Since i already got scam accusations on another forum, please let me explain the "investor"

    what i plan to do is if ppl leave in the coins they earn for a certain amount of time, you will be able to earn interest on them. you do NOT need to deposit. what this does is help me out for paying out ppl while i wait on any type of advertising payouts.

    Since I am doing this on my Dime, no asset, no crowdfunding. It will help me out if ppl choose that method. I just want to contribute to Burst in some way too.

  • @falconCoin great idea on the invest part.. hell te bigest bitcoin facuet now offers that so..

    I am gonna check out the site when i finally get pc back up . Finally got my self a ssd and figure was a good time to clean and dam it needed it..

    Will report if i find any bugs

  • @falconCoin Hey, Brick out not working with me, gives black screen after loading level 1 (using Firefox).
    I made the first 7 Burst 🙂
    Since Burst is much cheaper than BTC, maybe you should increase the rewards a bit to allow new comers to gain some Burst to activate new wallets (5 Burst payout instead of 50)?

  • @rnahlawi thanks for reporting looking into it now

    one reason for a minimum, is i could have users set up multiple accounts and drain me in one day. I can maybe drop it down to 25. let me look into that

  • @falconCoin do boundary checks (IP, browser, Cookie, ..etc) and correlate them to find about those smart-a$$es. Do a disclaimer that you will Ban such activities, and DO ban them for a defined time-cycle or so.

  • @rnahlawi i have that up on terms of service already... should have the game fixed in a few minutes

  • @rnahlawi can u take a screenshot of you playing brickout? i want to see what its doing as well if some ads are appearing

  • @falconCoin It works 🙂
    it showed one ad when I cleared level 3, rest of page was static (didn't re-load different ads).

  • @rnahlawi can you show me a full page shot? i am trying to figure out if a-ads is showing up... it is not on my end

  • @rnahlawi I love it 🙂
    Still think 7 Burst a day is very little for a Burst faucet of this magnitude 🙂

    Here's a full screen, zoomed out to fit all content:


  • @rnahlawi i see you having 18 right now... let me check a few things the database is not being updated... can you show a screen shot of "YOUR HISTORY"

  • How to invest? @falconCoin

  • @kmaxkmax i will have that implemented this weekend

    basically if you leave your balance in after a set amount you will begin to earn 2% compounded daily. the payouts will show up daily in your balance

    I am trying to see what is best, a set amount of time or funds. going to come down to programming it as well.

  • @falconCoin Well I am away for the weekend but hit up my pm's when its set.

  • @kmaxkmax sounds good u can start earning to build up... i am not sure the site works well on phone tho, but tablet should be fine

  • So if I'm understanding correctly we can't deposit into that account as an "investment" but have to earn there first and leave our balance?

    What is the amount of time before we start earning?

  • @DougLife i am working that out now ... but yes your correct. no need to deposit. once i am open for a while and trusted then i will allow for deposits

  • @falconCoin fair enough. I'd be interested in letting my coin sit there for a while and earn me a little interest 🙂