Hi.. I didn't do one of these about a month ago sooo...

  • I am new. Have always been investing in crypto on a minor level more to explore test the waters and learn to invest on my own. I was very happy when I found this forum. I like the layout and it isnt cluttered. Also, everyone seems nice.

    It didnt take long for me to begin to mine and have about 30tb waiting to be plotted. ADDICTING

    A few things about me:

    I will never read this entire forum.
    I do not care about any turmoil between people or forums and find it extremely common in crypto currency communities.
    I will always offer my off beat opinion even being an outsider i feel I can add to many discussions from my experiences on and off the internet.
    I have no problem being wrong
    I speak(type) first without much research sometimes, i apologize.
    I am 35 Italian and own a few businesses that keep me way too busy to catch up here most of the time.
    I do not live on a forum or behind a computer.
    I like dogs more than i like people
    I will never marry because I would be unfaithful and that is wrong.
    I like german cars and eastern european women.
    I spend about 35 minutes a day stretching.
    I enjoy watching or playing soccer more than I should.
    I quit cigarettes about 6 years ago with vape
    I enjoy stories of pets either tormenting or controlling their owners, please tell me some.
    I am my own worst enemey.
    I enjoy most foods and music. It has to be really bad for me to not ingest either.
    I wear a size 34 waist if anyone wants to buy me pants.
    I love asking questions even if it embarrasses me or you
    I do not care about anyone's reputation including my own.
    I play the worst video games ever.
    I love my parents
    i take being ignored as being right and that makes me happy enough to drop it .
    I play golf for fun not for serious

    I will be looking for something to do with all these hard drives if burst goes bust.

    That is all, thank you for reading


  • @darindarin A belated welcome to the wonderful world of Burst. 🙂

  • @darindarin Great presentation, I like your style 🙂 enjoy your time here

  • I share with you the "eastern European women" part, my damn weakness!

  • @darindarin Welcome to the community, I hope you get all of your questions answered and make a ton of burstcoin

  • Nice, Like your style. Some are common specially "I like dogs more than i like people" , 🙂

  • I really enjoyed reading your welcome post. Especially the part that said: "I wear a size 34 waist if anyone wants to buy me pants." LOL!!!