AIO Local Wallet Issue

  • Hi All,

    I've been using the local wallet of the AIO wallet for a while now without any problems but have recently run into some problems. My local wallet initially wouldn't load so I downloaded the latest client (v0.3.9.2) then cleared the blockchain and redownloaded it. Local wallet still would not load so I cleared DB from the help menu, as suggested, and let it resync.

    Java was using 99% of my cpu to sync the blockchain when I went to bed but this morning I found it stuck on "syncing local wallet: 98.27%". There was also a message that said the request timed out. Warning: This does not mean the request did not go through. You should wait a couple of blocks and see if your request has been processed. Java was now using only 30-40% of my cpu and as the blockchain file had not been modified for over 3 hours, I assumed it was stuck and forceclosed the client and restarted it.

    Now I still get the same request has timed out error, Java is still only at 30-40%, and now windows is also saying my burst client is not responding. What should I do now? Do I need to resync the blockchain from scratch? Anyone else having this issue?

    This has been a frustrating experience - haven't been able to access funds or assets for a while now because the online wallet is also down. Would really appreciate some input/assistance. Thanks all!

  • admin

    You can force-close the client "BurstWallet.exe" but you shouldn't force close the javaw.exe because it can get corrupt.

    If you force close the Client "BurstWallet.exe" the javaw.exe is still running in the background and you have not restarted the wallet server. Try this: restart your computer and start the AIO again. I hope your local wallet syncs the rest. If it doesn't start the syncing your DB is corrupted due to the force close.

  • @vier23 i had the exact same thing up until yesterday . I figured out it helps to force close the client then restart your pc and start the wallet again. i think the java goes in to an endless circle and only pc restart helps. don't force the java you may have trouble then. I did 🙂 . when you restart the wallet log in only to the online client and do not start the local until sync finishes. It may not show up straight away it is synchronizing but it is doing it. the last several percents are pain in the ass... You can check java is working! It will work only on 15% of cpu after restart . Atleast did it for me. but after restart give it 1-2 hours time .

  • Thanks @daWallet and @potkas for the swift replies!

    In my impatience I ended up force-closing java. I had a bad feeling about doing that but did it anyways...oops! I'm at work now but when I return I'll give your suggestions a try. Worst comes to worst I'll resync the blockchain from scratch but now I know what to do if it gets stuck again.

    Thanks again!

  • @vier23 Just like me 😉 .The last 3 percent took like 6 hours in my case so i recommend being patient. If it is stuck again for several hours restart the pc again. But don't force the java 🙂 . The thing is that the blockchain downloads much faster than it synchronizes. So at the end it is really slow! Sometimes looks as if it got stuck. So if you think it is stuck give it another hour or two. Restart only after that. You can start the local wallet but in my recent experience it will get stuck faster and the client freezes sometimes until its not synchronized . That's why i recommend not to start the local .

  • @potkas Thanks man, I had left my wallet loading/syncing before I left for work and when I got home the wallet fully sunk! No corrupted blockchain download from me force closing java - phew! Thanks to you and @daWallet for the help!