• Welp this is still in early stages but maybe there are people interested so here is sneak peek what i am up to at the moment 😉


    This is a bit more than mod as there will be changes in some original code as i deem it unneeded. That said, mostly it will be untouched 🙂

    Progress of this can be seen on my discord as i will be posting screen shots from time to time in there 😉

    suggestions are welcome, but final word still going to be mine 😃

  • admin

    Thanks @LithStud for the preview and UI development, but remember to provide github/download in the OP or the thread is better located somewhere else, than in our download section.

  • @luxe th links going up once i am ready to release the thing 😉 this is both sneak-peek and placeholder thread 😃 if there is better place move thread there untill link is up - then the thread can be returned here 😃

  • admin

    @LithStud Placeholder is fine. Just wanted to notice that ...

  • Not sure if you're soliciting comments, but it would clean up the system a lot if a user could not create a new account by just putting in a passphrase that he/she thought was the real password. There should be a popup that says "do you really want to create a new account (yes/no)?"

  • @rds hmm thats more into code changes. But you just offered a very good idea 😉 i will see how to incorporate it. Thanks!

  • So my workload has lessened somewhat and i am back to tinkering with css and html 🙂

    Sidebar for menus has been styled and now i will turn my attention to actual wallet pages 🙂 some will havr just minor clean up and some will be overhauled to include some of my mods and/or other features to make users life easier 🙂 will post some screenshot in couple of days 😉

    And thanks to Gadrah in joining me with advices on design side 😉

  • work has been going nicely this last week 🙂 login screen had some finishing touches and i believe it is its final form 😃 Inside wallet most of the time has been spent trying to decide best layout/colors/whatnot (thanks @Gadrah_ ).

    that being said here is a little bit of something something 🙂
    0_1495718791472_wallet-login.png 0_1495718811450_look-inside.png

  • @LithStud pretty nice 🙂