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  • @babelis said in [ANN] Futuros:


    In my opinion Burst is still way undervalued and will go higher...
    Yes, the asset value will increase, the first people who invested will be getting their roi and also profits from burst price movements... but what about the new people who want to invest? It's just a bit unfair and it can lead to decrease in invested money into your and also our asset

    You know how is that saying: "The early bird catches the worm".

  • @chrispop said in [ANN] Futuros:

    You know how is that saying: "The early bird catches the worm".

    But the second mouse get's the cheese 😉

  • Sorry a bit late dividends because of poloniex lag

    Assets sold - 7185.3 * share price - 0.25$ = 1796.325$ ---> weekly ROI 1.32% = 23.71149$ = 6239 BURST

    Futuros (1605211475111316015) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 7185.3
    Summary of proposed distribution of  6239BURST to 46
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 86514508 (Sun, 21 Aug 2016 19:48:28 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    4100.2, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 3560.20594826
    1500, BURST-5LW6-657H-WXHL-49BCP, 1302.45083713
    562, BURST-RJSG-YUGZ-W8HJ-5DYAK, 487.98491364
    310, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 269.17317301
    298, BURST-X724-7N6K-RQA7-866M6, 258.75356631
    200, BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU, 173.66011162
    72.3, BURST-L4BJ-LLHL-S8UB-HWXZV, 62.77813035
    50.1, BURST-NKUQ-999W-CV88-2LARZ, 43.50185796
    25, BURST-4GT7-QLA2-FLDA-44EMT, 21.70751395
    10, BURST-9UCW-N7RK-ZNNN-HQ3B4, 8.68300558
    10, BURST-4WAN-VXS8-Q9SY-B3F3D, 8.68300558
    9, BURST-HTFF-7PFC-5PNF-7E884, 7.81470502
    6, BURST-9B4U-RNBF-X4AR-BHWEH, 5.20980335
    5.1, BURST-M3VQ-8YBL-VET6-BF4F2, 4.42833285
    5, BURST-5YBX-W97K-PEHB-C4XPX, 4.34150279
    3, BURST-MYVV-Z3W6-6JXT-FDE6T, 2.60490167
    2.3, BURST-D6NX-Q5KG-5UZ7-A2LLV, 1.99709128
    2.1, BURST-RD3G-FELL-GJND-4NQW3, 1.82343117
    2, BURST-K6VZ-WS7K-2FTP-HMUW6, 1.73660112
    2, BURST-JJGJ-UXYK-DWM7-7RB5X, 1.73660112
    1, BURST-N6MK-YHKS-NLVR-HMHLV, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-WWA9-CMQJ-ZLRD-DLUUY, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-MU3B-89RM-YYSW-9F8D5, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-84BD-SN8K-8ET6-HRJN7, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-YQFX-X5K7-UCER-8SMMW, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-4FWQ-85G6-EHQQ-6T27Z, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-E2U2-JYZ9-XSDC-6NGDF, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-HEES-AYVF-MTK6-FVYBR, 0.86830056
    1, BURST-BRUQ-MY7L-UTL3-FH3AX, 0.86830056
    0.3, BURST-2T9H-6DPY-7TQH-B5W7Y, 0.26049017
    0.2, BURST-M2F3-AQ8V-5VRD-3BPWW, 0.17366011
    0.2, BURST-ZAJT-EYMU-LPUL-9TP4V, 0.17366011
    0.2, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 0.17366011
    0.1, BURST-QYVC-NLY4-6M5Q-DD5KT, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-UDK7-D5Y3-MR94-9UQS9, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-4FM8-2MJ5-NL29-59A6S, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-DGDQ-GN55-B7F3-GE3TH, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-LACW-VZ2A-YXA4-36VYU, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-K48W-F6TF-LQJW-FHR6A, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-8PXZ-YZPN-8GBV-EUXMB, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-VEFU-NW9C-BK3S-4X297, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-YWAX-PYAA-XX5G-D9JPP, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-J7U6-TV88-DJX3-9BYB4, 0.08683006
    0.1, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 0.08683006

  • @babelis maybe u give us some infs about the buyback?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wow you decrease your sell order into 68 Burst. What happen? No information about this?

  • @bandarfjb read above😊 im just pissed atm

  • @harrygon said in [ANN] Futuros:

    @bandarfjb read above😊 im just pissed atm

    Huh. Luckily I never bought this asset. Decreasing sell order price without any prior notice to investor is very not good movement.

  • @bandarfjb jep really lucky but this guys don't know me they will loose much moore than they gain i can be a real asshole if i need to. But i hate it

  • @harrygon said in [ANN] Futuros:

    @bandarfjb jep really lucky but this guys don't know me they will loose much moore than they gain i can be a real asshole if i need to. But i hate it

    Now we just wait for his response.

  • @bandarfjb like the last 3 days 😑

  • @harrygon said in [ANN] Futuros:

    Don't buy this asset guys. I lost around 100k in burst plus weekly 3k. Because this guys cant calculate and lie to their shareholders just to make a few bugs. talking about cover losses with their own money and can't even buy a few shares back from the guys they fooled. I think they will give u a 1.25% calculated in jen next time.
    Well i would be happy with a reply but not even thats possible. May ur scared after making me angry. I lost around 400 usd in ur asset. This is nothing moore than a scam to me. May just 1/2 scam but still a scam u let ppl bleed for ur misstakes an thats just really cheap

    Im done harry

    Ok first thing, you haven't lost anything until you sell your shares, that's your choice, you can continue to earn weekly. I don't really understand you, you seem like a greedy person, if you want to earn from market speculations why you just don't keep your burst in wallet? Second thing, we have never lied, we told people that the ROI will be 5%, that's true but not in Burst (anyone who thinks logically knows that it can't be in Burst) we already said our sorry for not mentioning it before . The buyback will be probably this Wednesday because it's not easy to get 1800$ together as you may think

    And please don't advise people what to buy or not... Right now this asset is the best choice for people who want stable and guaranteed evaluation with the highest roi between assets and this is true for all investors not only those who will buy the shares in the beginning.

  • admin

    @harrygon @babelis I can see both sides of the issue. Yes I understand that the asset is no longer paying 5% of the Burst you invested, however since the asset doesn't generate its revenue in Burst but instead converts to Burst to payout, you can't look at the Burst investment. To compare different alts you need a common denominator, and for alts it's the USD. @harrygon if you look at the USD cost of your investment at the time you should still be getting the 5% return on your investment. It's just with the increase on the price of Burst, it appears less than you were receiving.

    Likewise the price decrease, a share now should be costing you around the same USD as it did when you initially purchased them, and if you choose to sell you'll get back approximately the same USD value as when you purchased.

    I haven't done the math yet to fully confirm the above, but I believe it to be true and will be continuing to invest in this asset.

  • @babelis i have lost lots of burst in divs around 3000 weekly or not?

    i even pm u about this problem and u told me there is no problem if u forget to calculate the increase of burst this is ur problem. sry but its true

    im not greedy im an assetissuer who try to run his asset and u basicly destoyed it with this move

    so why u change from burst to usd if it is locical to pay in usd?

  • @haitch It was calculated in burst from the beginning and we were assured that it will be like this. As I mentioned earlier, it's still great offer but it's different asset as rules changed and ROI is calculated differently. Because of that I believe they should pay full refund to harrygon if he doesn't wish to be part of this new asset.

    "anyone who thinks logically knows that it can't be in Burst" - this is how it was done up to last div. This is also how any other asset calculates ROI. If I invest USD in something I don't care about ROI in VND. I want my investment to return USD isn't it correct? How is it illogical?
    Harrygon isn't greedy as he protects his investors from this dick move you made. So at least be fair enough to return him his investment.

  • @haitch i understand the problem but if i even pm him and ask about a year and he cant hold it even 5 weeks sry but this is just a wrong calculation or a lie. i cant symply invest in gpu mining assets because of the problem of price increase.

    this is just not a serious business if u do stuff like this.

    i know that i have more money as before btw im not here to get rich its more like a hobby. but i pay my shareholders in burst and launch a buyback in burst and because if that a cant hold my divs not dont even think about a buback. this is what makes me angry.

  • admin

    @Hyzi0 From the OP:

    "Our ROI is calculated in USD because the majority of our profits are not in Burst currency. There is a stable price 0.25$ per share and we update the burst price every morning to make it fair for all investors."

    If you invest US$100 in an asset, and get paid back US$5 every payment, you're getting your 5% ROI. If it was 5,000 Burst 3 months ago and now it's 2,000 Burst, you're still getting the same return on your initial investment in US$. For an asset that is not earning it's income in Burst, to expect the same ROI in Burst is unreasonable. If the price of Burst collapsed, would you be happy to get 5% of your Burst investment back, or would you rather have the 5% of your US$ investment ?

  • @haitch thanks that you understand, I have changed the first post to let people know before they invest from now, so that sentence wasn't there before, we are very sorry and understand the first investors, but now we can't buy back all the shares for current price as it would be approx. 7200*0.42 = 3000$ and we have received only 1300$ (which we have sold to btc and bought new hardware) from our investors here ( and we are willing to buy it back for 1800$) don't worry in the future we will try to get you back your fictional speculative market profits back somehow, can't do it now

  • @haitch
    It was added to OP last week, wasn't there from the beginning.
    I know how it works and I would have no problems with it if it was like this when they started. I don't even care that much now as due to this problem my shares are worth ~40$ less. I simply see how this situation affects Harrygon's asset(that I'm not rly invested in) as he had 4100 shares. I also feel a bit guilty for recommending this asset to other ppl cause if they invested they might feel like harrygon.

  • @babelis It's ok rly as I understand your situation. I know how it is with mining and I expected drop in ROI. I don't rly need buyback and will buy more of your asset once burst has a bit more stable price. I still think you do great job and created unique asset that I want in my portfolio. Just please make some deal with harrygon so he doesn't have to close his asset.