MY DAD officially joined BURST..

  • I know my dad is not a membe rof the forums but just wanted to welcome him to BURST AND CRYPTO..He has also hard drives so he will learn to mine Burst and in the future we plan to min together as I have never mined.

    He joined BURST CASINO yesterday and I bankrolled him as a gift with 50k burst and his first night he won 10k burst..
    So please welcome my Dad ALZ to BURST and so glad now I have another family member coming seriously into BURST and crypto..

    Your daughter welcomes you to BURST, DAD..

  • That's wonderful news. Glad you were able to bring him in. BOOM! Boom...and all that!

  • @qibucks Most welcome to our favorite Burst bag lady and her family :)

  • Hi @qibucks's dad!

  • Thank you all for the lovely comments and I hope he does better than me after my 500k big bust last night..hahah I am going to play very carefully and if I win anything put it into casino assets lol. Baglady and baller rolling just can't mix lol.

  • 2 for the price of 1. Nice to hear the community is growing by word of mouth as well. That's amazing. It must be kind of cool to have another person so close to you, into burstcoin as well eh

  • i'd get my dad onto burst but he still thinks video game consoles kill televisions :) (very old)

  • H will be a long term holder of Burst too, told him not to sell now..

  • @qibucks That is awesome, I am really happy for you and your family.


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