Error with Faucet :c

  • Hey, I recently saw the Faucet Code in the download section and decided to see if I can set it up and I kinda ran into a issue. Basically I have everything needed install and when I start the jar file everything start to look good so I go on my site to see if it's live but it shows nothing on my site. The only thing that shows is my index file.

    Jar file opened:
    alt text

    Config Setting:

    # port for faucet server
    # secretPhrase for faucet account
    # used for all connections to wallet
    # server used for burst api
    # intervall to claim for same account in hours
    # amount to send on claim
    # transaction fee paid by faucet
    # the min. amount of burst, to be listed under donations (not others)
    # interval to check for new transactions and update stats
    # recaptcha keys (default: keys for localhost used)
    # google analytics code e.g. UA-XXXXXX-X (optional)

    my site:

    also I'm trying to have the site like but only progress I made on that was making the domain and not the faucet on it ;_;

  • Anyone? :c

  • admin

    @ripStarfola Your startup looks normal - what happens if you goto http://<host ip>:5454 ?

  • admin

    @ripStarfola like haitch said, all looks ok ... you configured faucet to run at port 5454, so you need to access it under that port ... within the server you should be able to access faucet e.g. at ... not sure how you configured your domain.

    burstcoin.faucet.walletServer= <- guess it should be 8125
    btw. i suggest not use online wallet faucet will commit the secretPhrase