Attach 2HDDS to the same partition, Spanned Volume and Dynamic Disks

  • Hello Guys.

    Well today i get a new 4TB HDD, I have an old one, is like 1TB ( Where i have my windows 10 installed , and 800GB plotted right now. But i think this 800GB will be deleted and formated the full HDD to have both HDD clear and clean.)

    Ok the thing is, i will like to attach the both HDDS , to a new partition. And after that Plot that partition.

    I read something about Spanned Volumes, Dynamic Disks..
    But well. Im sure some of you guys, do this before. Can someone tells me how can i do it easy?

    And well, if some of you can, explain me the basics, i dont wanna burn the HDDS or do a big fail.

    The thing is i wanna plot 1 partition with Both HDDS, ( 4.5 TB or something like that )

    Bdw, i found this video:

    It seems to help, or not?

    I hope you understand me all. Thanks you all.

  • @IIOBrocker Hi! Can you bring me a screenshot of your disk management, so I can understand what is the situation?

  • @Dario's-wallet Well the thing is, i have 800GB plotted right now in a 1TB HDD, the other hdd ( 4TB is clean yet didnt put it ON yet. )

    The thing is , i will format , delete that 800GB , and i will attach back that partition to the main one, (C:) just to have thinks clear and clean)


    This is how looks like all right now, i didnt put on the 4TB HDD yet, i have it in my hands right now..

    But well, i will like to put it on in some minutes, and try that thing .. spann volumes, and attach both hdds to the same partition.

    I hope u understand it, if not i can explain it better, just ask me. Wll be nice if u can help me a bit.

    Thanks you.

  • @IIOBrocker Sorry, I need disk managment: type "disk manage" in the search box of the toolbar and click "Create and format hard disk partitions", or else you can type "diskmgmt" in command prompt and press enter...