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  • So here i am rdy to get roasted. Im sry for my absence again but after had fixed all that server stuff. A good friend of mine had a car crash an died 1 week ago. So thats the reason i was never online. I know its no excuse but may u can understand it a little.

    This is just a little ubdate because i have to leave town today. But im back after 2 days and will ubdate u guys on everything.

    The miner i curretly mining on pool.burstcoin.ru with 10 tb atm plotter is running but just on 1 machine

    Im sorry again harry

  • @Marc u are a funnie guy i could just take an easy exitstrategie and walk away like many others. Btw thats the reason my asset is fucked up. So i take my own money to build a miner to make u guys happy. And all what u do is bitching arround. May next time u send an pm before u cry arround. And yes the asset was issued to give haitchs shares back. Atleast the one are not sold till now. Btw that was 1 day before my friend crasch. I even sent hatch an pm that i finally back an need the id from the acc that drained his acc


  • @harrygon Good to see you back, very sorry to hear about your friend, look forward to the update in 2 Days.


  • @harrygon Welcome back^^

  • admin

    @harrygon Sorry about your friend, that's rough. Glad to that you're okay though, and back again.

  • hi guys
    im sorry again for all the drama around my asset the last few month. but i had some serious problems to solve in my personal live and after i solved all this shit even set up a new miner for my asset. my friend had this car accident, this kind of trowed me back in this ´´bad times``. don't want to go much deeper here but if u're really want to now what happened. send me an pm and i will explain it to u.

    so there is one bad thing happened to the asset in that time. i needed to use the escorow 120'000burst to pay the bills from the hdd's for the burstminer. im sry for that but i had no other way to pay this. i will pay all this money back into my asset after a few weeks.

    at the moment i try to get an little overview over the current situation about assetpayouts and all the new stuff that happened while i was away.

    the miner still mining at .ru payout arround 50 burst every 4-5 days. still plotting on 1 machine because my old main pc spitting cpu overheat errors and i dont want him to go down. before i buy o whole new machine.

    i managed to set up an eth mining rig the last cupple weeks mining now also for this asset. not to pay div's but to buy new assets for it. i have 0.45 eth in the wallet atm and mining with 62mh/s a rx 480 will arrive the next couple days to increase power.

    the last month i just payout 100% from dividend income. i will switch back to 80% now and pay divs every 2 weeks saving 20% for future plans.


  • hellow

    this weeks payout is a kind of a sorry payout from my pocket. not including any mining or assetpayouts. all the earnings will all be added in 2 weeks. the 3rd gpu (used rx 480) has arrived but i have no pci extenders left, i will order them today so next week the eth miner should be upgradet. i will transfer 70% every month to buy some new assetshares 30% will be held to do further investment for the eth miner. burst miner is mining with arround 15 tb atm.

    have a nice week harry

  • @harrygon Wow..I've been away for a little bit and just getting caught up. Looks like you have been through a lot of stuff. Donating some hashing power to your dwarfpool wallet. Hope it helps with your asset payment.


  • Hi guys sry for not posting an update last sat but the forum went down. Payout last 2 weeks where a little over 7000 burst. Bought back a few cheap shares with the 20% left over.

    Eth miner is upgradet running now with 3 gtx 1070 and 94mh/s arround 0.015eth a day. 0.24eth in the wallet atm. The amd 480 also arrived but i cant install it. The rig goes instantly down when i plug it in. So maybe i need another bild for 480's.

    Have a nice 1

  • @vprf thx alot mate was a nice suprise.😊

  • @harrygon I thought the equihash alghoritm of Zcash was most profitable for nvidia cards, also according to https://whattomine.com. Might be worth a check?

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