Error opening file plots

  • Hi, I've just gotten a NAS (some kind soul) and added 4 HDD (1x 3TB and 3x 2TB). I've created 2 partition on it whereby i allocated 1TB for my media files and the balance for Burst mining. But when I'm atttempting to write plot on the 7TB shared folder (mapped as X:) it showed me this error.
    alt text I'm just starting on burst mining and not sure what can i do about this error.

    Appreciate all the help and thanks in advance.!

  • admin

    @Onesimus Put the full path to the direcrtory, including drive let, and also make sure the plots directory exists.

  • Thanks @haitch. Where can i edit the full path to the directory and where should i copy the plots directory from?

    I've tried plotting on my Drive C: and it works fine.. but I'm clueless how to edit the full path and to copy the plots directory.

    Can shed some light for this noob?

  • admin

    @Onesimus My apologies, only just noticed you were using the AIO plotter - it should automatically do it for you. @daWallet might be able to help.