pool.burstcoin.eu what's the deal??

  • so I have tried really hard just to keep my mouth shut for weeks, but holy crap! what is the deal with your pools and/or servers?? they are constantly frozen, delayed, laggy, behind, or just straight up down! I buy hdds and am trying to mine but this shit is rediculous, it's like I'm babysitting or something because everytime I check my miner there is some kind of bs going on... not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of burst lost from sitting in malfunctioning pool... I picked this pool because I thought you were one of the head guys on burst team so thought it would be reliable but omg... just think how bad your shit has to be, to make me not want to even click a button to get free money... pretty damn bad... is this gonna change or should I find a new pool or just pack it up? one week I'll be making 100+ burst days in a row, and then always followed by days of problems and I make 60 burst per 3 days it's rediculous. And it's been happening ALOT for like a month.. and if it is pissing me off I'm sure there are others pissed off too. and it also makes burst as a whole look kind of shitty when people try to mine and get nothing but problems and frustration trying to mine..

  • @Blastbeats then why dont you just change pool then if you notice it like that change pool or report it to them to let them know what is happening to their pool to be able to fix.

  • @Blastbeats can't tell if this was a joke but the past 2 weeks the pools @haitch was hosting was getting DDOS'd from a unknown source 😛

  • This post is deleted!

  • @croydan1 https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/4365/network-update/43
    but im glad things are fine right now, I haven't noticed anything going down or any one of Haitch's pools going down 😛

    EDIT: idk if its packet overruns but its kinda something stopping Haitch's server btw if u scroll up theres more , and also

    what pool do u mine on rn? Im mining on pool.burstcoin.party 😛

  • admin

    @croydan1 It's not the server that's being overrun, it's the firewall. During normal operations it averages about 850 connections per second. During one of the DDoS I saw it hit 14,500 connections/second, before connection timed out.

    If you noticed, during the most recent attack, pools were not reachable, but the forums which are on the same servers were available. I've changed how they accessed so it's not coming through that firewall anymore. daWallet needed access to the beta web page, but couldn't reach it - so I changed the access mode and it was immediately available. I'm working on getting the rest of the websites accessed the other way, but there's a lot of them so it takes time. The wallets will also be moved. All of this will be protected by CloudFlare, so should be safe from attack.

    I'm also working on getting the pools protected, but so far they do not work properly this way.