• Quick background on this asset. As many of you know I busted on the scene here and immediately started a investment asset which I thought was going great until I found out some things about the asset managers that I was pouring hundreds of dollars into. After taking a step back I realized that the asset exchange is way too risky for a investment asset. I liquidated everything needed to make all investors whole and even reimbursed some of those who bought over the asset issue price.

    Why am I here today? Its seems their are about 39 asset holders that for some reason do not check their messages or IDK. One guy bought some shares at 2.5 over issue price and I sent him a message saying "this asset is closed please sell your shares into the asset issuer buy order for your full refund. Also sending 600 Burst for the shares you just bought at 3.50." Well this person ended up buying more shares at 3.5.....lol Therefore I feel like I owe the holders something if I cannot get the message to them.

    Now I present to you the smallest asset in asset history.

    This asset is starting over with a tiny $40 USD budget. With the $40 I was able to find a good deal from a local business that was trying to get rid of old office equipment. For $40 I was able to get 13 computers. 7 desktops and 6 laptops. The laptops are bare. The 7 desktops were a mix of Dell's and HP's. Out of the 7 desktops I was able to piece together two working PCs. Most of the Hard Drives were removed except for on 5 computers. Two of the five are no good. The three working drives consist of a 1tb ssd, 2tb Hitachi and a 1tb Western Digital. Currently mining in the party.pool with about 900g. Currently plotting the 1tb ssd on a separate machine at about 4k min. Will be posting the six laptops on craigslist for $60 or best offer. Will also post one or two of the bare bone desktops for $10 or best offer. Hopefully this will give me about $50 to bargain shop with to look for more hard drives on the dirt cheap.

    BTC earnings from our (me and my girl) GroupFabric pool miners will be used to build a portfolio of assets. All dividends earned will be paid out. http://www.groupfabric.com/pool/?q=1KEM1fVV2yP29uaG14uANL7j34cZUFPJ3r

    27k shares still in circulation. At a asset issued price of one Burst when Burst was around 75sats which equals about $27. 13k shares will be held by my lady and me representing the $13. $40-$27=$13=13k shares. For every dollar management invests into this asset out of pocket shares will be given to management at current Burst exchange rate and one Burst per share.

    Currently no plans of issuing any new asset shares in the near future. With hopes of selling the leftover computers for what was spent on the entire lot this asset should be able to grow on its own. When I sell the laptops and reinvest the money into whatever kind of deal I can find I will not see that as coming out of management pocket. Hopefully I can wheel and deal all the way.

    Thanks for reading my super long post.

  • @Dillion Oh here some pictures of the dirt cheap rig.




  • I be a son of a buck!!! Just hit the first block. 934g on about a thousand files woot woot!

    0_1490853368765_Screenshot (7).png

  • Currently up and mining with 2 Machines. Machine1 is in the .eu pool with 2.8tb. Machine2 is in pool.party with 500g. Currently plotting 2tb for machine two. Today got universal laptop charger in the mail. Going to test the six laptops purchased with the original $40 package. Hopefully a couple of them still work and can be sold for much more.
    All our miners are also in Group Fabric Pool cpu mining alt coins while simultaneously mining Burst. Currently about 13k satoshi earned thus far this week which will be used to purchase assets.

  • @Dillion looks good, keep it up and more people will probably be interested! ( after getting bigger and better equipment, try posting on BN, but idk if they like you. )

  • Picture of the six laptops. No hard drives and only a few still have batteries. The Dell desktop here also came with the deal and should work fine however its missing ram sticks and hard drive.
    Anyway, I'll be looking to get as much of this stuff working cheap as possible and sell for the most someone is willing to pay for it. Money earned from the sell will be used to look for more deals that this asset can get more HD space out of along with other goodies to resell and keep the hustle going.


  • @HiDevin Thanks. I'm not really interested in getting a lot of investors. 39 people still hold shares of this asset and I know most of them came from here. This is for them and me. I'm confident this asset will be able to grow while also never again issuing any new shares. If I can muster just $40 out of one laptop that is the entire investment back. With 6 laptops and 5 desktops in inventory for parts or resell. Patiently I will look for the next deal of computer scrap to get this asset more HD space and goodies to resell or use for parts.

  • Got the first laptop working out of the lot. Unfortunately the battery for it is dead and no good. Did spend $6 and got a 60g hard drive for it, installed Windows 10, shined it up real good. It is a Dell Latitude D620 32 bit. In pretty nice shape. Going to list on Craigslist for $50 or best offer.

    Having the mining machines cpu mining alt coin is going pretty good. From the first week we earned enough to buy 5 Lex4All shares, 5 SoCalFarm shares and 1 Uniburst share. Also bought back 12 shares of 49ers @ 2 Burst each. Follow this progress here http://www.groupfabric.com/pool/?q=1KEM1fVV2yP29uaG14uANL7j34cZUFPJ3r

    As for the Burst miners. Machine1 is .eu pool at 3.1tb and machine2 is in the pool.party with 2tb. Machine2 is a super slow plotter so I have it plotting and mining at same time. Still over 1tb of disc space yet to plot on machine2.

  • Dividend of 0.043 Burst per share paid.

    Bought back 16 shares @2Burst each.

    Hit three blocks so far. Currently at 6tb Burst mining.

    Got two of the 6 laptops fixed. Currently have them cpu mining alt coin. Still haven't listed on Craigslist because ordered new battery and charger for both so can sell them for much more. Both have fresh install of Windows10 and will hopefully list for sale by next weekend. The money from the sell will be going to buying more hard drives or another lot of computer scrap. All 6tb currently mining came from the first $40 lot of scrap computers.

  • @Dillion I love the idea of my small $50 asset! :) It brings creativity and a lot of speculation to the scene! Great Job so far!

  • @Dillion Pretty sure the MIA asset creator went on vacation for a month and is unaware of the status of 49ersIndex. No computer access while on vacation.

  • Well, I was thinking of using the Satoshis earned from the cpu mining to buy a lot of casino shares as it had became one of the only assets I saw a lot of potential in. Today I learned that I was 100% wrong and luckily I have yet to put one Satoshi we've earned into the casino asset.
    Change of plans. Each week I will buy one asset share of SoCal, CCminer100 and Lex4all. Only one asset share per week.
    SoCalFarm because it is 50% insured
    CCM100 because it is 100tb that is up, running and has been for some time.
    Lex4All because it is backed by a good size pool and a 80tb machine.
    The rest of the satoshis earned will go to holders of 49ersIndex.
    You can check the progress of cpu mining here. Satoshi paid out directly to the Polo wallet that is only used for this asset. http://www.groupfabric.com/pool/?q=1KEM1fVV2yP29uaG14uANL7j34cZUFPJ3r

  • Looks nice to me im thinking about start investing in your asset with my burstgrow asset slowly too ;) .I have to wait till saturday to see how much i will be able to invest but for the moment looks ok to me ! By the way check out my asset to invest in if you want. It is not a mining asset but it has a small miner too . To round up incomes are from lending mining and assets. And it is 50% escrow insured. For possible incomes you can check the forum its there week by week. ;) So its up to you.

  • Changed the name of the wallet to Satoshi Mountain. Wish I could change the asset name to this because I feel it fits way better as the asset moves toward being its own mining aset and not a basket of assets.

    Already have a asset named Satoshi Mountain which I have been using to make quick and easy payments to my wife and as donations to boost 49ersIndex dividends. Currently I have 70 shares wife has 25 and 49ers has 5.
    What I'd like to do is a 1 for 1 swap 49ers to Satoshi Mountain in order to get the name of the asset changed.
    Currently Satoshi Mountain is just a wallet with all my personal assets in it. When I get a dividend I pay out dividend to wife and Index. Trying to make this as clear as possible please bear with.

    In order to compensate for the headache and hassle of a swap I will leave all my personal assets in the Satoshi Mountain asset wallet.
    Currently consists of
    CCM1000 10,340 shares
    CCM100 2,475 shares
    Lex4ALL 2 shares
    SoCalsFarm 10,098 shares
    WorldMine 1 share

    So for the headache of doing the asset swap 49ersIndex holders who swap in for Satoshi Mountain will now be part of the dividends from all those assets plus the 6tb currently mining.
    Share structure will be the same 40k shares representing the original $40 investment. Also after swap to Satoshi Mountain no new shares will be issued anytime in the near future. 40k will be the max in circulation for a long time to come.

    Send your 49ersIndex asset shares here

    I hate to do this to holders but I hope the additional asset holdings will be enough of a incentive to make everyone happy. Doing this because this asset is no longer a Index .

  • THis asset is now closed for good. Do not buy on the exchange. All holders have been sent shares of Satoshi Mountain.

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