Kydex gear and revolutionary history

  • If anyone is interested i'm going to be adding some of our gear available for purchase with burst. Although i'm new to crypto overall i really enjoy it and some of the other posts i've been reading here. for reference to the gear you can check out our site and of course here is where my products are available for burst
    Site for gear reference ( hope putting in the url here is ok...

  • @BetsyRoss ​Update, more items added to marketplace from our site to include;

    ​edc tray
    bic lighter sheaths
    kydex key keepers
    and multiple new holster models, of course if anyone has any special requests please just contact us for additions to the marketplace. We wanted to thank the burst community for being so helping, its been a real pleasure adding burst to our accepted payments. We are currently working on getting more local merchants and mostly just more people using burst as a alternative currency. CF Title :