5.5 Terabytes - Some Questions

  • I can only plot 60 GB at a time with 1 core, or my computer will overheat. Will 91 plotted files of 60 GB work okay for mining?

    I looked at the pool overview spreadsheet and I plan on using the pool.burst-team.us pool. Is this the best for me or is there a better option?


  • G'day, you can make so many plots as you wish, but make sure that they dont overlap, there isnt a limit of plots file. best regards.

  • admin

    @xenomorph you're borderline for pool.burst-team.us. Perhaps consider the .eu or .biz pool, or one of the other options.

  • @MrWho Alright cool. How does overlapping happen? Is it when you try to plot more GB than you have free?

    @haitch I noticed .biz has the least amount of users. Does that (potentially) get you larger rewards/payouts?

  • admin

    @xenomorph Yes, fewer miners means fewer blocks, but more coins per block. Overall it should average out about the same whatever pool you're on.

  • It means, if your nonces overlaped, make sure that your next nonces alway is startnonce + volume of nonces + 1 = next nonces, but if you use only one HDD with the AIO Client, the program regular automatic.

  • @xenomorph This is how I learned about overlapping.

    I plotted 1tb drive on machine #1.
    Moved 1tb drive to machine #2 to mine.
    Plotted 2tb on different drive on machine #1.
    After 2tb was plotted moved both drives to machine #1.
    Fired it up and got the "overlap" warning.

    This happen because machine #1 doing the plotting didn't have the files from the 1tb drive when I started plotting the 2tb drive.
    If I would've left the 1tb drive plugged to machine #1 while it was plotting the 2tb drive the overlap wouldn't of happened.

    The plotting always start at #1. So if you plot on one drive then swap in another drive to plot you have to figure out where the last drive stopped and start the next one from that point. If their all plugged in together you won't have to worry about this as the plotter will see the files on the other drives plugged in.

    Hope that makes sense. I know sounds a little confusing but it not after you see.