Blago Miner - readerror - which file exactly?

  • Hi miners,

    I have an external harddisk connected and I know there are a few bad sectors on it. The Blago miner v1.160705 shows a long, long list of readerror lines. How could I find out which file is not readable? I think of some kind of debug logfile...

  • There is a log file but very tedious to read through. Move half of the files out of the plots directory, if the error disappears the offending file was moved. Bring back half of the half etc. I would think it is a glitch in your file not so much a bad sector as the drive usually has logic to patch that up.

  • Same problem, im using a 2tb external disc. I format again The disc and plot it, an the error continues. Don't know what to do Right know.

  • The problem Is that i run The miner, and it runs for about 20 min with no problem, and then The errors appear Any ideas.

  • @asterix13 make sure that your hdd(s) dont sleep, it depends on the energy mode on some system it do this.

  • That look's to be the problem, exploring some options thanks