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    The pool has been moved to mitigate againt the DoS attacks. The DNS change may still be propagating around name servers - but if your miner appears to be not mining, try restarting it, also do "ipconfig /flushdns" from a cmd prompt run as Administrator.

    It's also very important that you use the dns name pool.burst-team.us and port 8124 for you miner, the IP address will not work.

    Note that for some reason MS Edge will sometimes not display the dynamic content. IE, Chrome and FF are all fine though.

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    @haitch Still some work to be done on it - but it should be much more robust.

  • Is their a deadline limit on deadlines in this pool? Like how MC has a five day deadline limit?

    Looking on the pool I don't see anything over 7days and some change. So safe to assume that their like a 8day limit?

  • admin

    @Dillion Yes, 8 day limit.

  • i just started mining today, and im not sure how to check anything, I am mining at a few different pools, but my laptop is mining at pool.burst-team.us and I got a green line but it is saying that the recipient reward passphrase is not correct. is there something I have done wrong? I am not sure, but I am getting a lot of red transactions in my wallet and im not sure why.

  • admin

    @agomez8183 If you're getting a reward recipient error, then you haven't set your reward recipient properly. review the the instructions and if you have questions ask. Red transactions are out going transactions, if you don't know what they are there could be a problem - post a screenshot