block payout in pool all over the place

  • hi, i have been mining in a pool for a couple of months and noticed that the payout for getting a block is very inconsistent. on block will be 1200 then a couple days later 600 ish then the next one in the high 900's. also the fees per mined are all over in 10 burst to as high a 60 burst per my mined block. anybody know what causes the huge change in fees and payouts in pools?

  • @jondis Reward for block decreses 5% each month but is consistent otherwise. Reward from pool mining depends on miners deadlines. So for example if you won block with 2min deadline and other miner had 3min your reward would be much smaller then if other miner had 1h. You see graph on your left that show percentage of block you are going to receive if pool wins this block.

    *edit - Fee is burst ppl paid for their transactions and it's bonus burst for generated block not smth you have to pay^^

  • what @Hyzi0 say but also the block fee you are seeing is the fee from every transaction that took place on that block are added to the mining reward.... so if you hit a block that no one did anything on the network then there would be 0 fee added but if you his a full block it would be 255 fee added and somtimes more because people will up the fee on an somthing they need to get done fast to make sure it gets priority on the network

  • ok that make a little more sense that payout of the average of the deadlines thanks

  • @jondis yep two varribles on it standard block reward + varible fees for total payout per block , and when in a pool your cut depends on average of Deadlines submit during that block for the current share and your place in the historic list for historic % cut

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