help please with plotting and mining

  • Hi,
    I am new to this forun and a big Burst enthusiast. I set my computer to mine Burst today but had used Disc C with only 256 mb space and didnt realise i had 2tb in disk D. Now i have used all the space there and the computer is giving me the warnign that im running out of space in this disk. (not sure how much i should have allocated) Now im already mining with disc C and had started plotting disk D. I was wondering how can i mine with disk D once has plotted completely and how do i stop using disc C.


  • @Crytomania13 its best not to have plots on the same drive as the OS.
    To solve your current issue, move the plots from your C drive to the D drive, that will free up space on the C drive. If there is no room on the D drive, just delete the plots on the C drive.