Need help in plotting with 100 tb

  • Hi , I am new to burst comunity . I have 10 vps windows with 100 TB , 2 Core , 8gb ram on each . It have no gpu . Trying to plot my all disk space but even 100gb plotting is taking more then hours . Is there any plotter which can plot faster? I am currently using AIO wallet . Can i mine with same burst addy wallet in multiple vps ?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • admin

    @anik GPU or CPU plotter ... you can not plot faster that your drives write speed. Writing 100TB takes its time ... there is no way to speed that up.
    You can mine same burst account with multiple VPS ... but you need to ensure, that plotfiles do not overlap ... so better plot manually (choose nonce ranges yourself) to ensure that.

  • @luxe I've read that many retail HHD only have full READ-cache setup by default. Can you max-out the HHD WRITE-cache via firmware, would that help?

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    @BeholdMiNuggets Never changed HDD firmeware, but even if you would add/activate a kind of write cache this way ... the write speed is limited. A fast GPU can always generate plots faster, than a single drive can write them. (Not sure if that was the question ...)

  • @luxe Thx for the response - I was referencing some other posts, such as this one. (Thou perhaps it probably only applies to SMR drives). And it's not "Firmware", just Settings.

    @Propagandalf said in Shingled magnetic recording (SMR):

    My scenario

    I checked my 8TB drives, and they actually had write cache disabled by default! According to the article, activating or disabling write cache has a huge impact on performance, as seen in these graphs:


    SMR write cache on

    SMR write cache off

    I did not change my drive settings, so mine have had their write cache off all the time. I truly believe that performing the steps in the article will help with drive performance in general, when you are filling up your drives with non-Burst related items. Maybe they will also improve write speed when plotting and perhaps even mining, someone will have to try it out.