Faucet and downloading problems

  • I copied and pasted the burst id into the faucet and restarted the account, but the coins aren't showing up in my account. Is there some sort of delay involved?

    Also my pc has been running all night and it still says it needs to download the blockchain. I downloaded burst.h2 manually and copied it into the burst_db folder but the message never goes away 😕

  • admin

    Your account sure has received money from faucet, but as long as blockchain issue is not fixed it will not show up in wallet.

    On extract/copy downloaded burst.h2 to burst_db ensure wallet is not running or restart after.
    Leave you wallet running for a while, if it stucks downloading, please check if you are connected to peers. As long you are not connected to network, blockchain sync will not finish.

  • where would you look to see if it's connected to peers?

    And I have 7.43 burst on my online wallet, but nothing in the local wallet (which is the one on the eternal download lol)

  • admin

    there is a menu entry for 'peers' (in local wallet) you should see at least one entry there to be connected.

  • Okay, it appears everything has downloaded. I'm connected to 26 peers, 25 of which has things up to date. I have coins in my online wallet, but not the local one. Is there a way to transfer them so they're not on the interwebs? Both wallets have the same burstID.

    Sorry about the delay, was out of town for a bit 😕

  • admin

    I do not know what is wrong with you local wallet, check if last block number in local wallet is equal to last block in online ...

    You do not need to transfer your balance... your account and balance is in the blockchain, witch is the same for online/local.

  • A message is coming up saying i'm "most likely on a fork and have forged the last ten blocks"

  • admin

    @MellowFellow Is that with the local wallet or the online version ?

  • local wallet. online wallet is working fine and mining.