Ageing plot rejuvination


    I have found that the reading capability of plots deteriorates in terms of electromagnetic gain. This is more prevalent on larger drive platters from 1tb upwards. Being written with xplotter; plot optimiser is therefore useless. So there are some things that can be done automatically or the more strenuous manual. First I shall cover the manual process.
    Instead of re plotting one can transfer their plots from one drive to another after say 3 to 6 months instantly making the magnetic clusters fresh and easy to find. This method is especially useful for Linux users that automatic functions haven't been implemented yet. On windows machines a program searchable in google called "DiskCopy" can allocate a write buffer of users choice to prevent fragmentation of the transferring plot; keeping it at least mostly contiguous. Now for the automatic solution (windows only). There is a rejuvenation tool available free for home use called "diskfresh" it is also part of a suit of programs from a company website here:
    The user can pre determine when their plots are to be rejuvinated. The program can keep a schedule of which drives do rejuvenate and when. I recommend this as my profits have increased with it. I have decided that the pre determined schedule of dishfresh itself to rejuvenate automatically..When the miner starts reading the currently rejuvenating plot, this dishfresh tool will actually pause and resume after the miner is finished. To put this tool into perspective it just picks up and places nonce's just like plot optimizer only it doesn't actually optimize; it rejuvenates written disk clusters. No more re plotting or moving.


    The above advice is only given for plotted hard disks. The software's mentioned above are not tested by me in virtualization environments except Linux virtual machines virtual disks within a windows enviroment. If your disks are constantly busy it can take forever for the tool to complete but it will. If you cannot wait for it to complete you must do so offline for fastest effect. The Default Rejuvenation schedule, in my opinion, by Diskfresh for its automatic deployment should be sufficient for all disks but solid state disks should not be rejuvenated there is no magnetic s in them.
    Linux users whom have disks (drivers) in native linux partition separate from their Linux computer can still rejuvenate if the disk is hooked up to a windows box (take out of Linux put in windows when rejuvenated put back into Linux) its called RAW option.
    The DiskFresh tool is useful for all disks not just for plots. I have been using it for ages without fault. Helps keep that snappy new PC appeal.

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  • I'm a savvy pc user. My small farm of 15TB decreased its read time from 17 seconds to 14 seconds in a few days automatically. On the pool i actually went to the top with fastest deadlines more often. I felt snug. None of it is vital. Have a tweak sometime guys there's many ways to win the blocks!