Burstcoin Instagram, Facebook & Google+ page!

  • Hey there guys,

    As some of you may know I have been working with Social Media Marketing for some time now. I have managed to grow a total following of over 60,000 across various networks. I currently do use these page to promote Burst the best I can. However, after looking around on various social media platform I noticed that Burst doesn't have much of a presence on Facebook, Google+, or Instagram. So I have taken it upon myself to create pages for Burst and try to grow them! All with the primary goal of spreading the word of Burstcoin and helping to grow the community!

    Burstcoin Facebook Page
    Burstcoin Google + Community

    If anyone is interested in helping me manage any of these pages let me know!

    Thanks for reading guys, I really hope this is another step closer to bringing Burstcoin to the moon!


    Soon I plan to start running a few paid ad campaigns on these various social networks. I will be announcing a crowdfund shortly, which will be used for BURST social media promotions!

  • @Eq I subscribed but i don't use google+ much... Good initiative! ;D

  • Joined!!

  • Awesome! I appreciate it guys, I will work hard on trying to grow this! :)

  • Joined both of the groups. Can't believe this is first Burstcoin Facebook page. You're a genius kid. I not big fan of google social media but the Facebook page in my opinion could blow up. Everyone and their grandma uses facebook. You might get more hits than BN one day.

  • @Dillion In facebook there are several groups, i know of at least 2 or 3... I think there's not a official one tho!

  • @Eq maybe u set up an asset section so ppl can post their asset op's ;)

  • cool I just joined too.

  • @qibucks welcome back

  • Yeah, I did find a few other fb GROUPS but didn'd see any public pages so I thought I would capitalize on that opportunity.

    Again, if anyone is interested in being a mod or admin for these pages let me know! :)

  • @harrygon said in Burstcoin Google+ Community!~:

    @Eq maybe u set up an asset section so ppl can post their asset op's ;)

    For sure! Adding right now :)

  • Alright, I added the link to the facebook page for anyone who is interested in joining that as well!

    Also added a little more information :)

  • hey i liked this page with my personal FB and my burstcoin page also. ill give you a share soon. im mostly over on the other forum so i didn't see this til now. keep on promoting people!!! <3 my page is https://www.facebook.com/burstcoin1/ if anyone is interested. there are some memes and stuff there feel free to use them.

  • @impulse

    Thanks I appreciate it!

    I will like your page as well!

  • Alright guys, I have added the BURST instagram page I have been working on growing to the list.

    Also, I will soon be announcing a crowd fund for the purpose of growing BURST on various social media platforms. More information coming soon!

    In the mean time make sure to head over to our instagram page and give it a follow! It only takes a second and is a great way to help showcase BURST to the world!

    Thanks for the continued support!

  • 👍🏻 Following

  • Hey there guys!

    Thanks for everyone that has been supporting our facebook group so far. I would like to encourage all members to like the page and perhaps share a post or two on their own timeline to help spread the word of BURST!

    Feel free to create your own posts as well! The more activity the better!

    We are currently sitting at just over 750 likes!!