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  • Tell what will be the difference if this pool gets say half the large miner and moves to number 1 spot with ninja at no 2. What will that change for the rest of the pools "absolutely nothing" . But what this will achieve is a two pool network cause after you get all the blocks then the small guy says good bye and goes to storj shares or something like that. Why do I come to this conclusion " If you have not noticed more and more solo miners are moving to pools. If they are all asked to join this super duper coin killer then where will they go. Go ahead make your hard earn burstion worthless!

    1% pool fee = 19.37 Burst per block wtf give me a break what a savings lol

  • @tross I've never been closer to quitting burst than this last BN 51% attack. So I must disagree.

    If your pool is doing so well why are you worried about this one? Your pool was also affected by the forking.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am aligned to nobody my opinions are my own and if you were here last year you would of hear the same damn thing. Last year the problem was ninja so they broke it up and yet we still have a problem in the eyes of a few. I asked a long time ago for a pool cap on tb size. I asked could we spread out the large miners. No No NO. Why dont we want this coin to succeed .

    I am also ddos protected hmm for 4 months at least no big deal. It doesnt take a scientist to figure out what happens when all the large miners are configured in a couple pools. Tell me how that helps anyone else but those pools.

    I didnt like the rain either but it did tell us something Our network cant handle a lot of traffic. I am in a project to fix this problem.

  • @Han-Solo If you spend so much money then you are in the wrong place. You have no argument and dont make me look like a puppet I am 52 years old and am man enough for my own opinions.

  • I said all I want to say. Its my opinion and looks like I am beating it to death. If we would of worked to make this coin rise in value instead of how many coin we could get then burst would look even better. I hate to take sides but I see Burst Nation doing more to help this coin than this forum. I am childish because I want burst to succeed? I want everyone to get their fare share. The smallest miner is just as important as the largest miner. Han Solo I have had great chats with you and I can say I like your style but not in this way. Rich and me go back to some really good arguments so if I want to argue I go to him! He has makes some good points but now always correct.

    Worse case there will be 3 pools at the top ninja, ccminer ninja clone, and Burstcoin mining club. As the rewards go down you will see more and more solo miners coming in. Large miners go where there are lots of other large miners.

    For what I have invested in materials I got my ROI but what I have invested in man hours on the pool is not payable. My pool is almost non profit and was made for all miners. I will fight for my miners. Because I know its the little guy that will make or break burst not the snobby large miner stuck on their snobby ways.

  • Who needs a new pool for miners lol When a pool for everyone is cleaning up! Shame all that hardware going to waste!


    Come to tross pool if you want some burst!

  • admin

    @tross Your pool has 37x the number of miners, but has only won 1.4x as many blocks. Different pools, different philosophies.

    Can we please stop with the inter-pool bashing. You run your pool your way, I run mine my way, ccMiner runs his his way. Miners are free to choose which pool aligns with their philosophy. Pool owners criticizing other pools will not be tolerated.

  • no I wont stop you will have to ban me. A second ninja pool is not the answer to making burst rise. It will only take away from the majority. As the reward goes down you will see solo miners moving to pools. They go where other large creatures are. Thus snuffing us out and destroying your profit. Center your damn intention on making burst a real contender in the mining world instead of a coin you can milk to death. In the long run you are messing up your own earnings with greed! I am title to my opinion and have right to express it.

  • @haitch do not ban him or mute him please!
    Don't get down to BN poor standards!
    Just let him continue to embarras himself. All the people here told him several times to stop this he thinks he is doing a good advertisement to his project... just let him be

  • admin

    @tross Do you know how much I make per week with the pools I run? 0 Burst. Team, EU and BIZ fees go to Crowetics Burst-Team asset ( Now Burstity). ccMiners fees go to him and his asset, Party goes to Socal. So this is not a case of me milking the coin, I literally earn 0% of the fees.

    The variety of pools are geared towards different sizes of miners, providing diversity. All pools target different demographics. cc's is aimed towards very large miners, Team is for midsize miners, EU and BIZ work for smaller miners, lex4all targets mobile miners, you accommodate miners of all sizes.

    A variety of pools meeting the needs of different types of miners is the right thing to do for Burst - the alternative is having one pool for all of Burst. What does that achieve ?

    Likewise only having a choice of one pool geared for huge miners is a huge problem - if one pool has more than 50% of the mining capacity of the coin, then malfeasance becomes possible. How does it benefit the coin when one pool has the capability of manipulating the Blockchain ? I was in BTC when there were major concerns about individual pools approaching 50% of the network mining capability - do you want that to happen in Burst? By creating a second pool for huge miners and getting the capacity spread across them it removes the fear of a 51% attack.

    I'm not going to ban you, this place is not BN, but I will ask that you consider the bigger picture; to stop attacking other pools; and to consider that anyone has the right to create a pool with whatever goals they have in mind.

  • How is it an embarrassment to want burst to succeed? It is simple economics you take the spending power from the poor and middle class who are going to buy your assets. Making a pool with such a short deadline is for one purpose only greed greed greed. What good is millions of burst when they are useless cause they are no longer interesting to normal people.

  • @tross You seem a little schizophrenic over your position on the ccminer pool.

    On the one hand you are telling us that ccminer is doing badly and that everyone should go over to your pool

    @tross said in new pool for big miners!!!:

    Who needs a new pool for miners lol
    Come to tross pool if you want some burst!

    and then on the other hand that we are the devil incarnate....

    @tross said in new pool for big miners!!!:

    A second ninja pool is not the answer to making burst rise.

    I think the overall point you are missing is that whether ccminer exists or not all of the Miners will be somewhere be it Solo or on a Pool and the exact same number of Blocks will be found, the Reward will go down in the exact same way.

    @haitch I do not think you should ban tross, my vote would be to cut all these frenzied ccminer posts, and any other posted here, into a new thread for it to be discussed there.

    Nothing wrong with the Topic, just not in this thread.


  • admin

    @RichBC I'm not banning anyone - and the relevant posts from the thread have been forked.

  • @haitch this makes a lot of sense!

  • What good is another ninja? How does that help Joe the small miner invest in your asset? I said spread the tb around make everyone earn what they should. Burst will grow and you profits with it. If I dont have burst I cant buy any assets. What is there not to understand? In the long run (my words for big picture) this pool for large miners will hurt the community.

    Big miners flock to pools with big miners so where will the solo miners go <<<no brainier here so in the end you have ninja, ninja2 ccminer, and burst mining club with most the large miners . That could mean 75% of the burst. Is that what you want?

    I post earlier was to aggravate nothing more but my pool is more profitable and could easily take on large miners. I run non profit and greed's not my motives. More burst = more burst bashes (very simple )

  • Yup thats better than banning lol

  • admin

    @tross I agree, spread the TB around, but what is the point of the hate for an alternate pool geared towards large miners? You'd rather see all the huge miners on a single pool? A single pool having > 50% of the mining capacity is a huge red flag for potential investors. The more active pools, the greater the diversification of mining power, the better for Burst.

  • No actually a pool cap. Something at least till burst goes up or get more active in the real world. I am done trying to make anyone understand until I find better convincing words.

  • admin

    @tross I can make the pool source code available to you - feel free to implement the changes for a capacity cap, and to convince other pool owners to implement a cap. And what happens if capacity exceeds the cap on all the poolz ?

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