Burst on Poloniex Exchange

  • Hi Bursterz

    We had a little bit of action the last days on poloniex, which is the exchange with the most trading volume for burstcoins. (see Chart Nr. 2)

    First i thought it has to do with the rising of bitcoin, but im not sure about that because for a random trader burst shouldnt be the first choice to invest. (dont get me wrong - i hope we can change that 😉 )
    So there has been a little uptrend (see inrease of volume on picture nr. 3) - maybe u have ideas why and what can be done to ride this wave in the future 🙂

    I wanted to inform / ask / discuss, with u guys here - what happened in the past when we look at the Alltime Chart (Chart Nr. 1) the price has been triple as high as today (i dont think that it is only btc value which causes this) -

    what can we do in the future to raise the value of the coins.

    We have all kind of bursters here - trader - programmer - cia analysts - what not else 😉
    Maybe there are some of you interested in the topic mentioned above.

    For example:

    • build gambling games with burst like dice/ casinos games / etc.

    • have another trading pair Burst/XXX

    • dont sell all mined coins as soon as one gets em
      --- maybe getting a little bit of profit for holding them on account or building greater stacks etc.

    • getting more user / miner / trader by making it easier to get things done (i got startet ~3 days ago and read about it how it was months ago - so there have been made great steps to get it more user friendly - but theres room for more)

    • building a kind of a trading group/strategy or so, to get a little bit more buy support on the exchange

    -going viral on twitter facebook and so on - maybe also with little bonuses oder referals or so

    Just some random thoughts so ... #discuss

    greetings Finchenking

    edit: saw this thread just right after writing this one here 😉
    : https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/471/current-burstcoin-analysis-from-fxaltareeq

    Alltime Chart

    Last Month

    Volume rising

  • admin

    @finchenking I just wanted to add the market cap chart, to complete the picture ...

    Burst is not completely distributed by now, so on looking at prices in sat from year ago, always remember, that a lot less burst where available at that point.