Rooftopping And Climbing

  • I made a short edit of a few of my climbs, feedback is greatly appreciated 😃

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    @domshel123 as an Acrophobiac, you're insane. 🙂

  • @haitch Darn man! You're missing out, thank you 😃

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    @domshel123 I was fine with heights most of my life - used to be one of our HS auditorium techs - climbing ladders to hang lights, climbing along the edge of the walls laying cables. Then had a bought of malignant hypertension. Had a problem with heights ever since.

  • @haitch I'm sorry to hear that 😞

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    @domshel123 yeah, worst part of it it is panic attacks when driving and there's a dropoff next to the road. Your sanity is telling you you just need to keep driving in a straight line, your fear is screaming you're going to fall off the road and die. I used to hang off a 50' high lighting bar hanging flood/spotlights - now my brain is telling me a 10' bank is going to kill me.

    I've always had high blood pressure, just not high enough for my Doctor to want to treat, but after I fractured two vertebrae in my back, my BP went nuts - when I saw my Doc he was concerned I was going to stroke out in his office - 210/120; caused a whole load of neurological effects. Since I've been on medication for it, there's only one that remains - heights. It's weird though - I don't have an issue in the morning, it gets me in the afternoon/evening.

  • just to throw it out there , im in cellular communications industry. please dont climb on the towers. there are a bunch of idiots in the industry who dont install this equipment correctly. i have to worry every day that my crews are going to get hurt because of the lack of quality. ladders are loose, boom gates arent tightened installed properly (thats the frame the antennas are mounted on), dont want to find you guys dead on site. just pointing out some hazards you might not consider............

  • @belwarpxl Thanks for the reply and concern, we try to climb on inactive radio towers. I mean, that one was active, and probably not the smartest thing to do, But I'll keep that in mind, thank you 😃