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    I'm starting back up! I went down for a little bit because of family problems (moving/transferring parents/etc.) But I'm back now! Starting a new, fresh thread for the feeling of when you just come out the hot steamy shower.

    Now. Let's get down to business.


    Logos - 3,185 BurstCoin (about 5.60$ USD) //each
    Banners - 5,745 BurstCoin (about 10.14$ USD) //each


    All pictures will be watermarked until payment is received.
    If -- somehow you figure out how to scam me, I'll simply not do business with you. you'll eventually get bored of the picture/find an error you want fixed. I won't be there for you and then because of that you'll start to feel remorse.

    If you ever lose/delete your picture by accident, I gotchu. Send a message over PM with what it looked like, what might be on it, etc. I'll resend it over.

    If you have a service yourself, PM me, and we will talk about bartering.

    Some of my work:

  • You could seek a reputable middleman to help things out btw.

  • @kmaxkmax
    Thanks for the offer, but I don't think this kind of service requires a middleman :)

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