Pool mining - did I get my reward correctly?

  • Hi, I recently started mining with 1.5TB on pool.burstcoin.party:8081/ for the last few days or so. I understand when you have more TB your deadline is short, therefore you get more % share and then more reward. Also, once daily (i think?) the current reward is set to 'deferred' (showing something like 6D + 20 in the total earned section). The deferred payment goes to queued and then it should be sent to you wallet, correct?

    Therefore the 'Total Earned' section on the pool UI should match that account's balance (or should have more) when you view that balance, is that correct?

    The issue is that I have a 'Total Earned" of 26 burst but my account only has 8.7... Its not a big issue with only ~18 burst not sent but I'm just trying to learn how it works. Any tips/explanation appreciated


  • If you haven't made any withdraws your balance should be 20B. The 6D is still in the pool waiting for 24 hrs to be released, assuming that pool pays out either 300B or 24 hrs. 8.7 is too low, something's wrong.

  • Here is the transaction history: I got 3 burst from the faucet and had a first payout of 5.7 burst from mining (i think this pool give out small earnings). Total earning went from 0 to (6D + 0) to 6, giving a total of 8.7. I kept mining and had 20D + 6 and that went to 26. I did not receive the 20 burst for the last payout apparently. I'm still mining and it says 7D + 26.

    Has anyone had a deferred payout not sent before? I'd hate to set up a big rig and not get payouts

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  • looks like the pool didn't pay you. are you sure 24 hrs has gone by?

  • I use the mining pool that he is recommending to you. I have had zero problems from it. I would just switch over to that one.

  • @babykong what mining pool is recommended?

    If i made all my plots for that pool (~0.1TB size files) and switch to a pool with a recommended plot size of something bigger, do I have to replot everything to that size?

  • @mtourig3 I'm not 100% sure but I wouldn't think so but like I said that's not definite.

  • admin

    @mtourig3 No, the pool size recommendations are for your total plot capacity, how it's carved up doesn't matter.

  • @haitch great, thanks. was confused for a second there

  • @rds you were right, it was still in the 24hr time period. Thanks, just starting here.