burstcoin.sk missing payment?

  • Have been using this pool on and off for a little while now and apart form the recent forking things have been going as expected, however, recently I have noticed that although the pool says that it has made a payment, the payment doesn't always hit the blockchain and therefore neither my wallet.
    Specifically block number #349854 was won by the pool but no payments were made.
    I have tried to contact the admin through their forum but have had no response.
    Does anyone have any info on this matter?
    Is it a case of just waiting longer for them to send the funds?
    Any advice appreciated.

  • @machasm Without more information than the one that has given what I can tell you is that pool pays when you have 250 burst accumulated. No matter what blocks you find the pool if you do not have 250 burst you will have to wait


  • @Energy
    Ah that is why then. thanks