Ploting 1TB stop at 99%

  • Hi, I have plot my 1TB with 1 file since Monday, I left my pc on all this week, the plotting go everyday 20 to 25%. Today it stuck at 99% till the time I am writing and this has been for almost 8 hrs, without moving, any one has experience this issue before or have some knowledge how to deal with this issue. Thanks

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    @fosu Just close your plotter, looks like it is stuck or it is just a 'display' issue.
    You can repair/check you plotfile with:

    Or just leave it like it is, 99% should be fine anyway.

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    @fosu If you're using the AIO wallet less than version 0.2.7 there was an issue that would cause the plotter to hang at 99%. Do as @luxe suggested.

  • I've seen a issue with plotting. This happened 3 times and now I'm doing a different way. First time when I tried a test plot of 100GB then it actually took 107GB. Next time it's happened again but I had enough space so the plotting finished successfully. I started to 1TB. that time I had 998GB after formatting the drive and I put 990GB to plot and it unsuccessfully stopped. then I set 900GB to plot and that took around 970GB at finishing. So it's looks it always took around 7% extra. So you should put in plot with keeping extra 8% to 10% free space. I think that'll help to ending with a successful plotting. Still I'm not sure how much extra space it took when Plotting. bellow you see the actual log with plotting 200GB and 900GB.

    ./plot -k 689191891761033001 -d /Volumes/ArchiveRB/plots -s 0 -n 811008 -m 12288 -t 3
    Using original algorithm (no SSE4, no AVX2).
    Creating plots for nonces 0 to 811008 (212 GB) using 3072 MB memory and 3 thread
    ./plot -k 689191891761033001 -d /Volumes/rb1tb/plots -s 819202 -n 3698688 -m 12288 -t 3
    Using original algorithm (no SSE4, no AVX2).
    Creating plots for nonces 819202 to 4517890 (970 GB) using 3072 MB memory and 3 threads

    there will be bit less than 200GB and 900GB because it go down when do the calculation of (round-down(space nonce to plot/ RAM nonce))* RAM nonce.

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    @robert - upgrade to the 0.2.7 version and the issue is fixed. It will round your plot size to fit into your drive, based on your stagger.

  • @haitch Thanks. I'll use the latest version next time for sure. 😞 don't know how long it'll take to arrange more storage.

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    @robert - You'll find a reason soon enough, trust me on this .... 😉