pool mining vs. solo mining

  • Hey Guys,

    got a small question to you. I wonder what is better for a plotsize of 15.6tb+ growing?

    in the past i was only mining on pools. im nearly hitting a block every 3 days.

    the following information on blockexplorer is confusing me:
    Mined Blocks 10 (20,338 Burst)
    Pool Mined Balance 13,401 Burst

    so i wasted 7k on mining in pool because i would heve got 20k+ of burst if i would have solo mined?

    thank you for some hint

  • alot depends on the pool you are on and solo how lucky you are.

  • @tryhard If you have a dedicated machine mining 24/7, then my opinion is you're better off solo if you have 10TB or more and if you have 10TB or more, then you really should have a dedicated mining machine. 🙂 Alternatively, find a pool with more miners with capacities similar to yours, so you're not pulling the weight of a bunch of smaller miners. Running your own local wallet is also good for the network in general (more nodes) and you can generally trust the numbers in your local wallet more than those reported on burstcoin.biz/blocks.

  • @sevencardz thx for the hints. yes i have a dedicated machine. and 5tb incoming in addition. so im 21tb+ soon. im already running local wallet. i will give it a try. thank you. btw u pool mining or solo? 🙂

  • @tryhard I have only mined solo. Sometimes you hit four blocks in four hours. Sometimes you don't hit a block for a week. But all of your luck is your own. 🙂