Sharp decrease in coins produced starting April 10

  • What's going on here?
    My understanding is there are supposed to be 5% decreases in mined coins every month.
    The estimated network size has held steady at around 20PB.

    160 blocks/day is 1 block every 9min. isn't the block time 4min?

  • admin

    @polyomino It's a issue of the blockex ... currently missing out a lot of blocks ... look at block heights ...

    So the webpage data is not accurate, has nothing to do with burst network itself.

  • No you have a serious problem. The skipped blocks are accounted for on the burst nations version of a block explorer I want to if there are 2 chain's. Also note who missed blocks go they go-to ninja so is something comprised 0_1492543975302_Screenshot_2017-04-18-15-27-14.png

  • @Burstde Those are only block explorers. It has nothing to do with network as it's just site with database which displays information about network blocks. Even if there are 10 different block explorers it doesn't mean we have 10 chains.

  • Okay we never had this problem with our explorer so how do you explain it

  • @Burstde we had problems with explorer many many times...

  • Hmm really. Our explorer also is missing transaction information which probably are those missing blocks. Nations explorer actually show my wallet has .More funds in it anyways more to be said but don't like texting on my phone. I prefer ours so hopefully it's fixed. Why if it's the same chain that a transaction unrecognized by one and accepted by the other? Why then my wallet database doesn't not contain the missing transaction s yet the online nation explorer does. Again none of the database here or their are first old and stop at block 345600

  • @Burstde agreed there is a pretty big problem with the block explorer. its missing the transaction that i received on the 10th of this month. where its missing my casino dividend transaction. i almost took to the forums to ask Zeus about it but did some more delving to find it in my local wallets transaction history. and on the other block explorer.

    considering people use this tool to communicate with the support of various exchanges about stuck transactions it ideally needs to be fixed soon..

    bittrex has already complained about this

  • admin

    The pretty big problem can be solved by simply restarting its wallet and resyncing the last weeks of the chain.

    The illegitimate exact copy of the blockex by burstnation has the same flaws as the original with the advantages of not being online very long.

    Also as I remember the bittrex team complained about inconsistent blockchain data due to forks at the beginning of April...