For people who hold the ( BURST Casino ) asset


    The swap is here. 4:1 every 1 old casino share u get 4 new ones xd
    To make it easier.

    Note for the previous "casino" holders.

    You need to send the shares to the new casino asset wallet address (BURST-CASN-VZRM-ZX9R-66HEG), the process is semi-automatic, once the wallet receives your shares, from time to time I will be doing the swap from the web wallet (a click of a button). The blockchain is

    then charged to do the swap and send the new shares with the right 4 to 1.

  • Thanks for updating us on the other side of the road. I sold all mine off a long time ago and bought into btcdragon but i'm sure this will help someone.

  • @HiDevin Really think that existing Casino Shareholders should have been given some sort of preferential treatment over people buying in for new shares?

    The trade in was 4 for 1, which effectively devalued the Casino Share price from the 400ish it was trading at to 200 to match the SnakeEyes 50 x 4.

    However the trade in should have been conducted first, and then the new release shares should have been at Higher Price giving the existing Casino Shareholders a better Deal than the new SnakeEyes Shareholders.

    Alternatively existing shareholders should have been given an option to buy additional shares up to the number of their existing holding at 50 and then the new shares released at a higher price.

    Either way something should have been done to reward / compensate existing shareholders.


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    @RichBC As this is a capital increase of the biggest assets in Burst economy and therefore one would expect a subscription right to protect investors.

    Instead investors here get nothing against the dilution and as not enough: an artificial price decrease on top.

    This is 101 of corporate finance.

  • @daWallet Yes seemed very straightforward to me. "They" are defending the trashing of the price by referencing the initial issue price with no regard to the current trading price. Boy I would not like to be back to being a CEO defending that one.

    Then to compound the pain for existing Shareholders they are not even allowing them the opportunity to purchase shares to retain their existing % of the Asset at anything other than the general release price.

    Also not even a hint of an apology for the appalling and completely unnecessary mismanagement of the basic structure of the Bankroll, Maximum Bet and Dividend payments.

    Whoever is the CFO should be given the boot and given the massive Burst transaction volumes someone put in who has their finger on the pulse of the transaction flows and some wort case what if scenarios.


  • @HiDevin thx for the information. This casino shit hits me hard hope i can turn that into a profit again. The fact that zeus not even post something about that drama here pisses me off . I mean he was realesing his asset here why not inform the ppl that beleved in u at first

  • @HiDevin thanks for info, as i was unaware about such move.

  • lol
    Sorry to every casino assetholder. I'm so glad I got out from it when it was ~600 burst/asset. Don't do same mistake with stacking their asset as they will simply release 100kk next time. This move with no explanation is like scam to me but I'm sure there will be loads of Adam's vids to show that everything is alright and to take money from his folowers with 100% win methods 😃

  • @Hyzi0 There was an explanation from @Zeus... the explanation (problem) was that the casino is with just 2 million burst in the bankroll due to the max win per bet be 1 million bursts when it should be 100k bursts instead, so basically as the casino had no money for the bankroll he have to raise more money to continue operating...

    With this i am not defending no one, just stating something i know and that you may have not readed...

    Links related with this casino issues:

  • @gpedro we all knew the max win was a problem, when he first opened the site, it used to be 100k burst. I think Adam wanted him to raise the max win to 1 million so he did, though don't know why max win is 1 million burst

    you can basically drain the bankroll if u win about 25 times on a 2x

  • @HiDevin said in For people who hold the ( BURST Casino ) asset:

    you can basically drain the bankroll if u win about 25 times on a 2x

    Well yeah but you have to be betting 1 million and you had to had your level high enough to be able to bet 1 million at a time, and that makes you bet a lot, and i mean really lot in there... And you know in the long run the casino should win all the time, but it can get unlucky one day, and i think the problem was that everyday that gone by the more burst millionaires were appearing and that tied with the max win per bet be so high lead us to this...!

  • @gpedro Oh, I didn't cause I'm banned there and here we had no information whatsoever. Thanks for info!^^Got rid of cookies and I can see really simple solution to this problem with no need of taking ppls money like this.
    SImply take 10% of dividends into bankroll miss 1-2 dividends with good clear explanation that after huge wins you need to create new bankroll and lower max bet.
    He did nothing to stop it from happening in the future. All ppl will now have is escrow for 25.8% buyback option for 3% and tip for Adam, Zeus, Crow and co for 1.2% ❤ For this asset holders lost 60% of their assets value and they will receive lower dividends from now on. In addition everything done without asking investors and informing this forum about any changes.
    Yeah it's truly the best asset BN has to offer.

  • @Hyzi0 said in For people who hold the ( BURST Casino ) asset:

    SImply take 10% of dividends into bankroll miss 1-2 dividends with good clear explanation that after huge wins you need to create new bankroll and lower max bet.

    The problem is that the casino had no bankroll to continue right now, but i agree with you that this kind of fail safe is what should had happened in the past and if the bankroll got too big the casino could do buybacks or increase the max win per bet...

  • @Hyzi0 eh, new investors can take advantage of this though, re invest into snake eyes, and sell above 50 once the first batch is out, since @Zeus has so much rep on BN, I doubt the asset is going to close but this swap is giving investors who bought at 400 a headache

  • @HiDevin Actually i placed a buy order but then i saw the price 402 are right now so i cancelled it and buyed 402 instead! I was unnaware i was doing the best decision i could LOL

  • @gpedro if you trust in crow's assets uniburst and world mine have both droped to below the origonal launch price with the latest pump , infact most assets are way down in price not sure if its a responce to the price of burst going up or a mass sell off to liquidate burst and buy up the new casino as it started right when the casino ANN happend on nation

  • me ill be taking advantage of the sale on every other asset out there.

  • Yeah this one hit me hard too. What is this like the 5th asset swap?? Ridiculous. Basically the asset goes belly up they just start another to get that fresh money rolling back in. I was completely sharted on with this one. Was buying shares at over 300 not long ago. I hope the 2million issued assets of snake eyes never sells out and he goes bust again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Seems like it's becoming common place for the BN sponsored assets to crap on their holders. Mister Burst single handedly destroyed the price of his asset now we got this BS with the casino. Fired the fudge up.