GPU Plotting Help

  • says it's writing to the drive, and spikes in cpu usages but doesn't update in gpuPlotGenerator?


    I change my devices.txt to 0 0 2048 64 2048 and it stops at 4096/8192 nounces when i plot like it was working 2 weeks ago .-.

    ive been trying this for like a hour and it's making me so frustrated.

    0_1492751190024_1f96ec839aaec00134581502569d16b3.png some spikes in gpu but im not even sure if this is running anymore.

  • @HiDevin try halfing your values might be caping the card and causing it to freeze up , not sure why it would work 2 weeks ago and not now

  • @Gibsalot I doubt it, the card is a 4gb and i only put 2 gb on the card, im not even stressing it, when I use 0 0 for platform id and device id the gpu actually starts running but stops at 8192 nounces.

  • Is your available harddrive space decreasing at least? Asking aside from the direct mode frozen/slow eta change.

  • @Vneck it is, last night it already took 1.43 tb of the drive.


  • f it, ill just plot it with my crappy cpu then

  • OK, if it's consistently decreasing in size, you should be good to go. For me, that's the only way I can track that the GPU with the Direct switch is working, since the ETA freezes for like a day or so (depending on size) before updating again, then freezing.

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    @HiDevin When you plot in direct mode it creates the empty file, then fills it in, while it's creating it there will appear to be zero progress, but if you look at disk activity in Resource Monitor, you'll see it's writing to disk. Once the empty file is created, it'll be filled in, and thats when you'll see progress. Depending on the size of the plot you're doing it can sit at the initial progress screen for many hours - but as long as you have disk activity, it's working.

  • @HiDevin According to your pic, gpuPlotGenerator is using your CPU to plot rather than your GPU. That would explain the massive slow down.

    Check the deviceIds on your system and then change the first two values in your devices.txt accordingly:
    gpuPlotGenerator listDevices 0 (or 1, 2, etc).

    And as @haitch said, direct mode has a long warm up period where it creates the plot before filling it in. Sometimes it's best to test the water with a smaller plot first.

  • @sevencardz yes i have used my cpu and my gpu before putting the devices.txt at 0 0 or 0 1 ( 0 1 is CPU ) ( 0 0 is GPU ) , @haitch thank god for telling me this because i thought it wasn't working the whole time lol