SWAP 49ersIndex

  • This asset is no longer a Index and a basket of other assets. It is moving towards being its own mining asset therefore a name change is in need. New name is Satoshi Mountain.

    Already have a asset named Satoshi Mountain which I have been using to make quick and easy payments to my wife and as donations to boost 49ersIndex dividends. Currently I have 70 shares wife has 25 and 49ers has 5.
    What I'd like to do is a 1 for 1 swap 49ers to Satoshi Mountain in order to get the name of the asset changed.
    Currently Satoshi Mountain is just a wallet with all my personal assets in it. When I get a dividend I pay out dividend to wife and Index. Trying to make this as clear as possible please bear with.

    In order to compensate for the headache and hassle of a swap I will leave all my personal assets in the Satoshi Mountain asset wallet.
    Currently consists of
    CCM1000 10,340 shares
    CCM100 2,475 shares
    Lex4ALL 2 shares
    SoCalsFarm 10,098 shares
    WorldMine 1 share

    So for the headache of doing the asset swap 49ersIndex holders who swap in for Satoshi Mountain will now be part of the dividends from all those assets plus the 6tb currently mining.
    Share structure will be the same 40k shares representing the original $40 investment. Also after swap to Satoshi Mountain no new shares will be issued anytime in the near future. 40k will be the max in circulation for a long time to come.

    Send your 49ersIndex asset shares here

    I hate to do this to holders but I hope the additional asset holdings will be enough of a incentive to make everyone happy. Doing this because this asset is no longer a Index. So please just do this for me as the 49ersIndex was a huge let down for me. Things were going so well then all of sudden everything has gone to crap. If you want something done right you got to do it yourself. Name change will be great and this asset will rolling and kicking ass off of a micro $40 invested.

  • edit to make clear... all my personal assets will no longer be my personal assets as they will belong to Satoshi Mountain holders.

  • @Dillion Shares sent.


  • Could you give us asset id?^^

  • @Hyzi0 12902579278867632155

  • @Dillion Thank You^^
    You could start selling shares again as everyone could benefit from it and Satoshi Mountain could be Bitcoin Mountain :P

  • @Hyzi0 lol I like that name too. My goal is to grow the asset without ever issuing anymore shares. Still to sell in our inventory is two working laptops 4 not yet working laptops and 5 incomplete desktops. Over the week I got the third desktop working that will also be used for mining. That gives this asset 3 good mining machines plus all the extra laptops and desktops to sell or trade to expand our hard drive space with.

  • Doing a tiny dividend to see who all still has shares of 49ers. Raise some eyebrows and get your attention to see whats going on. If this is one of your wallets or you know whose wallet it is please let them know and swap in. Trying to get my kids out of the street. Don't want to see anyone get screwed on the exchange after 49ers is laid to rest.

    2548, BURST-3Q5B-JNMA-4L6N-HEHMM, 2.5099739
    2000, BURST-4ETQ-958Y-FDG5-BXTPC, 1.97015219
    2000, BURST-7867-JLVX-A7AL-B9WZ3, 1.97015219
    1000, BURST-9BN2-8UN7-EJDU-23VHY, 0.9850761
    794, BURST-AWRL-43YL-WDVT-AF834, 0.78215042
    700, BURST-FSXY-U4L8-9RVG-HCXXP, 0.68955327
    500, BURST-2N4Y-6445-7J8U-8LPHJ, 0.49253805
    500, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 0.49253805
    500, BURST-EWT3-ZTYD-9JSU-CQLV7, 0.49253805
    406, BURST-HWKB-YC5P-K4K3-DHPBQ, 0.3999409
    300, BURST-CM2B-C9KV-XMQP-A34NB, 0.29552283
    300, BURST-9RYZ-XFWF-LW34-B5FBC, 0.29552283
    286, BURST-9B4U-RNBF-X4AR-BHWEH, 0.28173176
    200, BURST-PT54-8A45-ZX2L-5426V, 0.19701522
    182, BURST-2VK6-XJDE-G47S-6CLJT, 0.17928385
    100, BURST-EFPL-6MYS-SY2V-2ATZP, 0.09850761
    100, BURST-TXPX-S2FA-MA38-A7ZT7, 0.09850761
    69, BURST-E4UY-TY5M-U44P-HQXQ3, 0.06797025
    50, BURST-9JWJ-8CHK-652U-9J2FL, 0.0492538
    50, BURST-9NC8-W7QS-FVSP-EHQ54, 0.0492538
    45, BURST-G7WM-HN7K-ESVJ-FFTDJ, 0.04432842
    44, BURST-RDQ7-A58C-SX65-9NXUC, 0.04334335
    22, BURST-U5SA-XG87-JE6A-5PLY8, 0.02167167
    10, BURST-D3LG-LHKE-KFZF-5MWV9, 0.00985076
    6, BURST-DX7H-DT2S-RDFM-5QA72, 0.00591046
    5, BURST-XCJL-5JW9-7MLC-7P4FS, 0.00492538
    2, BURST-SQVV-LDHM-CVMK-75AU9, 0.00197015
    2, BURST-MQSW-9YL9-YUT5-3323E, 0.00197015
    2, BURST-QFPA-3TMJ-L5N5-EP8GZ, 0.00197015
    2, BURST-PFTG-3J78-ZMZ7-83R64, 0.00197015
    2, BURST-N9CS-4ZGV-SJGV-B4G42, 0.00197015
    1, BURST-VJB5-GRUE-CYGF-4A7V8, 0.00098508
    1, BURST-XLQX-TJFS-3JXA-23PNG, 0.00098508
    1, BURST-DJYW-M4VS-7FXJ-BA598, 0.00098508
    1, BURST-BXUN-WPWW-QNT5-GRP8B, 0.00098508
    1, BURST-ZUZQ-YFYL-HMUX-DMYK7, 0.00098508
    1, BURST-ZPPL-BV2U-VVZN-8DJX7, 0.00098508

  • @Dillion I have tried twice now to transfer shares and each time the transfer disappears off the blockchain after zero confirmations. Will try again tomorrow.

  • **THis asset is now closed for good. Do not buy on the exchange. All holders have been sent shares of Satoshi Mountain. **

  • @Dillion said in SWAP 49ersIndex:


    i didn't know it was closed till today. been kinda busy. so what do i need to do?

  • I've already sent you the shares of Satoshi Mountain.

    Transfer your 49ersIndex shares to here BURST-RL8F-QNEW-28UN-7W6FF

  • ok. i sent them in.

  • THanks I appreciate that.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Weeks ago I manually sent shares of satoshis mountain to all 49ersIndex who hadn't sent in 49ers. That way no one would be left behind.

  • 100, BURST-EFPL-6MYS-SY2V-2ATZP, 2.54396286

    Here your account on Satoshis Mountain first ever dividend payment from weeks upon weeks ago

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  • This post is deleted!