CPU vs GPU Plotting - Optimisation

  • Hello.

    I am trying to find out more about the plotting process, but it seems that I have only found conflicting information so far.

    My question lies in comparison of CPU vs GPU plotting.

    I have heard that GPU plotting optimises the plots automatically whereas CPU does not, is this true? Is it true for both direct and buffer?

    I also am finding very conflicting reports on the preferred GPU method - buffer or direct, which is faster and which one do you recommend using?

    Also I've read that if the read time is less than 30 seconds then there is no need to optimise the plots, is this correct?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Not yet tested GPU plotting however, I was able to read a topic here that the built-in plotter from AIO burst wallet is already optimized.

    Have to double check this from @Blago for accurate details on this one.

    So far I'm mining on 4.1TB and currently received payouts ranging from 60-100 burst per day average plotted using the built-in.

  • Both plotting options/speeds vary greatly on your hardware.

    Using the built on CPU plotter from the AIO wallet (which uses Xplotter) generates the the plots for you all OPTIMIZED. Usually the longest process (unless you have a nice dual xeon setup). Depending on your know-how when it comes to configuring software switches, this is generally what most people use when they first get started.

    Using the GPU plotter option with gpuPlotGenerator in BUFFER mode plots in UNOPTIMIZED mode. Plots finish faster than CPU plotting, but the read times of the harddrive will generally be slower when the miner accesses the plots. You will be up and runner quicker, but at a performance cost when mining. It's up to the individual to see if they want to deal with it or not.

    Using the GPU plotter option with gpuPlotGenerator in DIRECT mode plots in OPTIMIZED mode. Plots finish slower compared to Buffer mode, but ends up being Optimized just like the CPU plot. Depending on your video card, this usually will finish plotting the drives for your quicker than a CPU plot.

    The other benefit of GPU plotting, is that you can plot multiple hard drives simultaneously.

  • @maxles @Vneck Thank you for your replies. I recently plotted a 500GB file using GPU plotter in buffer mode, the read time is about 5-7s, is it worth optimising the plot?

  • Thats a long read time for a 500gb drive. Give optimization a try it would no hurt for a 500GB drive. Mine reads around 2-3s for a 1tb drive.

  • @maxles Ok I will re-do the drive in direct GPU mode then, thank you.

    I just have another question based on this thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/588/one-plot-or-many-plot-what-is-best/15

    I started a direct plot however my screen has been frozen for quite some time, is this normal? haitch mentioned a "pause" or something...

  • I think its normal. What GPU do you have? I think most of GPU plotted device pass by that moment. Just leave it for a while and let the GPU do its thing.

    I'm already trying to learn GPU plotting as of this moment got a new 1tb scavenged here from our house to backing up files and will test the GPU plotter once its done.

  • @maxles I have a 470 8GB.

  • yeah that should work better than mine haha. Got a spare gpu GT 730 though. will test if there will be a significant change in drive plotting. for CPU plotting 1tb drive for me took me more than a day to finish with all cpu dedicated for plotting.

  • @maxles Ok thank you I will leave it for a bit then and see what happens.

  • I think the cause is that the GPU is utilizing all of resources to plot the drive so it cannot give a proper update on your screen. based on this topic https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/588/one-plot-or-many-plot-what-is-best/8.

    If you have any questions regarding GPU plotting lets wait for other GPU plotter users to give you input since both of us still learning a way through. :)

  • One more thing, if you attempt to do a GPU Direct plot, the ETA will "appear" to freeze shortly after it starts. Then continue again many hours or even a day later (depending on the size). The only way to check if Direct is working, is to check that your available hard drive size is decreasing. With CPU Buffer and CPU plot, the ETA is mostly real-time.

  • @Vneck Thanks! I was worried my ETA says 7 years...

  • @BigBear Don't worry Superfriend. It will change...eventually.

  • Still having issues. Restarted my plot twice because the first time it crashed midway through and the second the computer froze for far too long.

    Currently on the third attempt at plotting 1TB using direct mode GPU plotting with an RX470 8GB. Using the x64 version of the GPU plotter as I have an old processor from very early 2010's and x86 gave me problems and didn't want to launch.

    12 hours has passed and the 1TB drive in "my computer" is full, however now the terminal just says "generating nonces."

    It is very slow and it states that the nonces/minute is about 33 nonces, which is far too low. The terminal hasn't made much progress for the past hour and it is only up to 0.65%.

    The command I used to generate this is:

    gpuPlotGenerator.exe generate direct E://plots/14080554188928740480_2719200_3809280_8192

    And the devices are setup like this:

    0 0 12288 192 8192

    Here is a screenshot:

    Is this normal or is something wrong?

  • @BigBear Also my GPU does not seem to be working at all. I have a kill-a-watt installed and I am looking at the power usage at it does not change, nor does my GPU become loaded so that I can hear the fans working. What is going on?

  • Try this: 0 0 1024 64 1792

  • Or even: 0 0 1024 64 8192

  • @Vneck So stop plotting? What is the issue? I had it set to 0 0 8192 64 8192 before and I still had the same problems.