Hi Burst Fans.. I am new

  • Hi friends.. I am new to Burst mining. Just started couple of days ago. Yet to start mining. I have some issues, hope I can over come all of them very shortly and hope you guys help me in need if I have any unsolved issue.
    first issue is, I am unable to claim free burst faucet.
    second one is, I haven't received any confirmation mail from Burst forum(website) as it said I have to confirm my registration. But there is no link yet to my mail. But I can still able to login to my account with my registered credentials.
    Third one, Yet to find out, which soft ware I have to download for mining.

    These are my primary issues. I welcome helping hand solving these issues. How ever I am exploring for answers for the above issues. Any help will be welcomed which will shorten my explore so the I can move ahead to next step pretty quickly.

    Thank you

  • @coinrun Welcome!^^
    What faucet are you using? Are you sure you gave right address? (For example BURST-BBAQ-GF7D-Z6LX-3U7B6) If you still have problem simply post your address here and I will send you a few Burst^^
    I don't remember if it was needed to confirm? But if You checked spam etc and can login just forget about it^^
    For mining just download AIO wallet and it is basicly all you need to have^^ You have miner and plotter implemented in it(at the bottom) Just look in 'How to" section and there you will find how to plot and start mining^^

  • admin

    @coinrun Welcome to the community!

    Which faucet are you using? try faucet.burst-team.us

    If you're able to login here, the confirmation email was sent - I approve the application, mail gets sent and you can login, there is no additional verification step.

    What is your setup? If 64 Bit windows xplotter for plotting and either jMiner of Blago's miner for mining - both available in the Burst Software section of the forum.

  • @haitch
    Dear Admin, It seems, I am having pretty much issues.

    1. I have created my Burst wallet with https://www.burst-team.us/ few days ago. After creating wallet, I have tried my best to claim free Burst from https://faucet.burst-team.us/. But unfortunately it said wrong wallet though I have copy/paste the wallet address. Still I couldn't claim. After 3 days gap Today I have tried the same and able to claim 3 burst coins. But surprisingly, my account was not showing any claim in my wallet. I have refreshed the page and noticed that my wallet address was different than the one which was used for claim. I dont know what happened exactly. Later I tried with address showing on the website on left side top, free faucet page displayed a message,"please wait for 2500 minutes to claim again".
      I tried to download the wallet which is 60MB size, but during extracting it, it started showing some errors. So, I am tired of it and left the website.. Logged in again just now.. will try the things now again.

  • @Hyzi0 Thank you.
    I will update the right wallet with you once I settle the things on right track.
    Thank you.

  • admin

    @coinrun What's your Burst address ? If your address changed, you're using a different passphrase than was used to create the initial account - there could be a space at the beginning/end of the passphrase, or a line break if it's wrapped.

    The DB download should be around 2.6GB, not 60MB, you've somehow got a bad download.

  • @haitch
    I am using same pass phrase...Surprisingly each time wallet address is changing.. Please help me with this.. I am using site generated pass Phrase. I am using same words with spaces. I wanted to change the pass phrase but I don't see any such option available in settings.

    Why it is keep changing with each login though the pass phrase is same.

  • admin

    @coinrun if it's changing, then the pass phrase is not the same. If you have it in notepad for example, and it's wrapped over 2 lines, there's a newline character in there - thats a different passphrase than if it's not wrapped. The Burst address is based on a hash of your passphrase, the hash routine is always the same, so if the address is different, the passphrase is different.

  • @coinrun Here is vid from IMineBlocks how to set up your first wallet^^ I helped me get into burst so hope it will help You as well^^

  • @haitch
    I am typing passphrase every time manually.
    and the wallet I tried to download was this.
    0_1492957363586_upload-530b9b23-020e-4244-b186-1c4c2771790f Hope you can see the snip.

  • @Hyzi0
    Thank you. Will try the same after watching the video thoroughly.

  • @Hyzi0
    At last I have decided to start all fresh. Here is my new Burst wallet address.

  • @coinrun Ok^^ I sent you 50 burst, it's confirmed in blockchain and You have your wallet ready^^

  • @Hyzi0
    Yep.. I have received them. It's very fast clearance from blockchain.

    Thank you for the tip. Please guide me to next step of mining software.

  • @coinrun Here is another vid:

    First you need to Write your plots(it will take a while but it needs to be done once) and when they are ready you need to set your reward recipment to pool in which you want to mine. Then you simply press start mining and its done^^ I believe in vid he explains every step^^

  • @Hyzi0
    Thanks for the Help. Going to watch this video for the next setup.
    I Will Be in touch with you.

  • @coinrun I also didn't receive a confirmation email, but am able to post after a couple hours