Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread

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    So looking through my portfolio I find a number of Assets that seemed like a good buy at the time but have very little action and are now difficult to sell. Do you take a loss and move on or just hang in there?

    However also some fun Assets that have been great to trade. MTMGaming undoubtedly the best, what have other people been trading?


  • @RichBC been trading uniburst , MTM , ............... been trying to trade worldmine , 402 CCMiner not much movement on them but i have picked up a fair amount of each for vary cheep .

  • @RichBC Sometimes i just take the loss and move on but i usually buy and hold, with some exceptions... The asset i made more profit with trading was Haitch Assets Asset... Although i am not that much trading expert and i have not such a big portfolio so i am kind of with my hands tied sometimes when it comes to undercut my average price and such...

  • @Gibsalot I have found MTMG to be great fun, right through from the initial sale at 10 when I picked up most of my shares, then into some trading to get myself to that nice position of getting back your investment amount but still holding.

    Since then I have traded in and out and now have a nice profit. When the Casino screw up was announced I dropped a lot down to 13 to secure some more profit and to then see what happened.

    Adam playing some interesting games talking up the price both selling and buying shares in the last couple of Days afforded some nice opportunities to make some more money.

    Got to say the no-one other than Adam could get away with an Asset like this, but his position, promotion and following makes for a some good volumes which is what you need to trade.

    Question now is how high will it go , and when to dump the rest of my shares?


  • Yay! I love this thread! this is mainly what the AE is about for me. What I have done myself is I have a special 'asset-holding account' and a 'trading account'. The trading account is filled with limited funds (About 600,- ish) and tries to make as much instant profit as possible. Like for example the MTMgaming asset, which is great (I also see there's a huge buy order for 18 already, so i think that's my queue to start selling off my last few thousand shares). mostly trading with high volume assets myself, like FLEX and bursity which make small, but quite fast profits of some hundreds to thousands bursts. Also putting big buy orders and smaller assets. like with the whole MIA-matthew-is-on-vacation-crisis. Boy did I pick up some cheap assets there! 5bursts a share, count me in. now I'm quite sure I won't sell these assets that fast as the price need to increase first. so when I get assets that cheap and cant sell them as fast, or as much as I want I just send them over to my asset-account. which is kind of like my retirement-fund, and don't touch them anymore :p

    Edit: Just saw Adam's announcement, and think the price will probably surge quite some, so I'm actually going to hold on for a little while longer 😉

  • @keyd0s i picked up around 25k shares of CCMiner100 for around 3.5 - 4.5 even if this is not a fast moving asset that is still CHEEP for this asset got them back on the market and will collect a few div's till they sell im sure as it sells slow for some reason.

  • @Gibsalot that's a great price indeed, that's sure to make you some profits.
    What are people mostly trading in today? Of course we shouldn't be in eachother's water's too much but i'm keen to know how you guys do business

  • @keyd0s personaly i look at the top 7 or 8 assets in the explorer for volume to make sure there is trading going on and i can move the asset's .. then i look for what ever is one ( sale ) at the moment snatch up what i can and stick it back up for sale a few burst higher .... right now that would be Flex , uniburst , bursity , MTM ... i also look at all of the low cost assets sub 10 per share because to can make big money buy just selling a few burst more on them if you have the funds to pick up a stack of a few thousand shares or more somtimes they take longer to sell because they have less volume.

  • Nice thread 🙂

    Most problematic asset for me is Bsilver, I bought it at the beggining at 100 and It's at 60 now. I decided to hold at this point. Beside this unfortunate example I don't plan to keep nearly all of the assets I have for a long time. I usually buy a big amount at release price and sell most of it in the following months, and I buy again every time I see the price as very low. Spending a lot of time on both this forum and BN allowed me to jump very early on most assets and to make a sweet profit.

    The only major exception for me is 402, it holds a special place in my heart. I bought it the minute after the release and more after that, it's the only asset I'm compounding and I plan to hold for a long time (years).
    What I love in it : low price per share (even if Burst goes up the shares won't depreciate a lot), huge room for growth and extremely interesting projects and possibilities (e.g. wallnut trees plantation), top notch management from nameless who proved his abilities to lead a project many times, nice volume that I only see increasing in the future...

  • @Gadrah_ said in Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread:

    Most problematic asset for me is Bsilver,

    Yes agreed and it's the main Asset that prompted my hold or take a loss question in the OP.

    I wonder if Crow is just too busy with BN and Uniburst? Or perhaps Assets have a sell by date and this one is just not exciting enough?

    I got close to pulling the trigger on a sell this Morning, but my holding is small and I do not need the Burst for anything else at the moment so decided to sit it out for now.

    In a similar vein I am uncertain about WoldMine massive Bid offer spread, however again only a small holding so sitting this one out for now as well.


  • @RichBC said in Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread:

    Or perhaps Assets have a sell by date and this one is just not exciting enough?

    Indeed, I noticed most asset have some sort of a hype at the beginning that begins to fade out after a couple months. Best thing to do IMO is to take advantage of this hype and try not to get stuck when the price goes down (this is usually more true for mining assets).
    I also keep my Bsilver because of the possibility to exchange them for silver, I might do it in the future (good time to invest in silver nowadays I believe).

    And yep I did not invest in WorldMine because I feared this kind of price action and I don't regret so far.

  • @Gadrah_ Also as a buyer of too many different Assets I have found myself not spending enough time keeping my eye on them. So going forward they will fall into two categories.

    A few that I am happy to hold come what may, yes I might trade as the opportunities arise, but feel no need to see how they are doing.

    Pure Trading Assets with no intention of holding long term or what I think about the Asset issuer etc.

    Easiest way to make money are from the ones from a high profile Asset Issuer where there are batches being released at pre-announced price increases. This is just like shooting fish in a barrel and only constrained by how much Burst do you have and ensuring that you get in on the first release. Then it's just down to Greed v Fear on how soon you choose to sell 🙂


  • @RichBC Spot on. That's how I see things too. I'd also add that the higher the reputation of the issuer, the bigger the amount of Burst I'll invest (for example, I bought some Burstocean at the begging at 10, was risky but worth it as I dumped at almost 30. On the other hand, MTMG at 10 at the beginning was something I knew I could put a lot of Burst in without too much hassle).

    To go back to the subject of Mr Whale, I don't know who it is but I have my idea... I think it's a particular guy a lot of people know already on the forum ! I can't be sure though.

  • @Gadrah_ said in Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread:

    On the other hand, MTMG at 10 at the beginning was something I knew I could put a lot of Burst in without too much hassle).

    MTMG has been to me a very interesting Asset to follow. As you say a very easy decision to buy as much as you could at the first release at 10, although I was very lucky having messed up the Buy price on one of my accounts to get a second shot after Adam did an unexpected second release at 10.

    As I put in the thread over on BN, back in the Days before I unfortunately picked up a Ban. I missed out on my main Buy, nearly bought some at 20, but went out to think about it and mow the lawn, came back and there they were again at 10. 🙂

    So interesting phase we are going through at the moment with MTMG, a lesser Asset would have completely failed with the Casino being down. However some smoke and mirrors from Adam is keeping it alive and continuing to make some great trading opportunities.

    Can't see it riding up to his forecast 40 and the 1 Million Burst Buy that manini farm put in was sold to pretty quickly. So should still provide some good volumes and some ups and downs which is what a trader needs. 🙂

    What are others thoughts on MTMGaming?


  • @Gadrah_ Just funny thing that you more believed Adam than Chrispop^^ I made ~100k trading BurstOcean and I have to say it's great asset that I will buy a lot after it grows a bit/burst price goes down^^
    I made quite a lot on Adam's 1st gambling asset but it's too much risk for me to put my money with him^^ No one checks how he gets money for dividends and remember that casino always wins. Everyone that knows anything about probability can see it yet ppl choose to believe in him. In my honest opinion it's just a trick to trade his asset as he knows when huge dividends will be and earn from suckers that believe him.
    The best thing you can always do is have nice knowledge about assets, know what's going on, who asset issuer is and what are his future plans. If you believe in somebody then you can find crazy good offers from time to time (bought 15k MIA for 4 last week and 20k 402 for 2^^ Even if I won't sell them then divs will pay this cost in few months).

  • @Hyzi0 I think Burstocean is a good asset if you want to hold for a bit but there isn't a lot of volume. I bought a bunch at the beginning and sold it when the price 3x. I finally sold everything when he reduced his selling price back to 30 burst. It just proves to me that mining assets are not worth holding in the long term because they will grow stagnate as more people mines burst causing the difficulty to increase while the block reward decreases monthly. It's also counterproductive to hope for Burstcoin price to drop so you can get more from the mining asset.

    Back to Adam I think he's a really shady person especially when a whole thread of people hates him on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1041025.3740 . But when there is money to be made you need to take risks, MTMgaming so far been a decent trading asset for me I wouldn't be surprise if it hits 40 since Adam is going to need to pump before he dumps. Becareful trading and don't take the wrong end of the dump. And hopefully he doesn't destroy burst and leave us bagholding like the people in Viral.

    Also that whale who is controlling the 402 asset with the 3 burst sell wall and 1 burst buy wall, I'm got to say dam man what a great move.

  • @Hyzi0 i had his original asset too... it paid great the 1st week and it went spiraling downhill each week after even tho he was on youtube showing all his huge wins

  • @hah said in Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread:

    Also that whale who is controlling the 402 asset with the 3 burst sell wall and 1 burst buy wall, I'm got to say dam man what a great move.

    Mr Whaaaaaale LOL

  • Trading aside with MTMGaming...

    Can someone explain why this is even an asset? I think BURST Nation tried to explain exactly their definition of an asset (it may have been in writing or on one of their videos... or perhaps both). By BURST Nations' own definition why is this an asset?

    It's just some guy gambling correct? He may or may not be winning ...but that isn't proven extensively (besides a few screenshots)... or maybe it is, I haven't followed results that closely?

    So why is this an asset by BN's definition or any definition for that matter?

  • @burst1 said in Who is Mr Whale and general Asset Trading Discussion Thread:

    Can someone explain why this is even an asset?

    Very good question and I guess the answer is that on BN if MisterBurst says it's an Asset, then it's an Asset.

    Anyone else even thinking about releasing an "Asset" like this on BN would be Hung Drawn and Quartered. That said it has been my favorite and most profitable "Trading Opportunity" to Date and I think there is some life left in it yet.

    I will however leave you with this thought... If Adam is able to win reliably and consistently in the Casino then others can do the same and the Casino's Days are numbered, or perhaps that has happened already?

    However if it's not possible to Consistently win in the Casino then MTMGaming Days are numbered or at least limited by how many Burst Adam is willing to give to the Asset holders to make it look like he is winning in the Casino.

    Either way hats off for a great show and a great trading opportunity.