Which file system to format drive? NFTS? exFAT?

  • Hello.

    I am having all sorts of issues plotting my drives. I was wondering which file system I should have the drive formatted to in order to achieve the best results?

    Does it change depending if I use GPU or CPU plotter?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I also have issues with ReFS using xplotter...

  • @BigBear I have my mining drives formated in NFTS. exFAT should work too as there is no size limit for files. Just avoid FAT32 as you can't make plots bigger than 4gb.

  • Hi. I will explain some dynamics about formats and how i apply it for burst mining. Perhaps it'll help people help themselves decide whats optimal for their setups 🙂
    I use NTFS for internal drives and exfat for external when burst mining.. NTFS is needed for xplotter and I transfer from NTFS to exfat for external disks. Exfat is better for external since it doesn't generate as much overhead over USB. Overhead can cause a handbrake effect on throughput. That is why exfat was primarily invented. Internal disks are supplemented with dedicated disk electronics on system motherboards to properly manage filesystems such as NTFS; and its security, clustering and RAID applications. I hope this info helps. may the burst be with you!

  • @ZapbuzZ You made me learn something new just now LOL 😉

  • Internal Microsoft disks can be formatted to exfat through a command prompt though I believe internal disks are better with NTFS in general on modern electronics of the last 5 years. If people want to mine with Linux exfat disks can be accessed with a what is called a fuse bundle with a google search for specific Linux variations (almost all have it) i have found Linux mint easier to add NTFS and exfat disks in general but i don't mine on Linux. Also, some external drives such as Western Digitals MYBOOK come shipped formatted with NTFS because they utilise proprietary tech to manage it without overhead. They have additional drivers in windows. But most caddys that people can place their internal disks and use as external do not have this tech and thrive on exfat. (my mybook is exfat formatted i found it to be slightly faster) I use xplotter but there's several plotters available i couldn't use GPU plotter and i believe it needs a optimizer for maximum velocity afterwards. The other plotter available can plot on fat and exfat disks but it needs to be optimized too.

  • @ZapbuzZ what is this overhead you are talking about?

  • NTFS file security. Technically plots don't need it.