Intel Atom or AMD E350 Brazos maximum TB for mining

  • Hey guys! Just want to ask experienced miners if do you have any rough estimate on how many TB can I put on this boards? Got a spare one of this E350 board.

    No problem on plotting since I have seperate plotting unit. Just want to minimize our power consumption. It hurts like hell to see a 20$ increase in power for only 1.5 weeks of starting burstcoin mining taken into account using cpu plotter for about 4 days straight. I will make this a HTPC again with built in burst miner so it acts as dual purpose.

    Thanks guys!

  • @maxles yea plotting is the big electric user with burst will go down alot when you are only mining.. generating plots is = to mining for bitcoin on your cpu / gpu in terms of electric use

  • @Gibsalot guess what? our rate here is 0.22usd/kWh.

    Currently I left my i5 4460 unit to mine. Im just thinking if it would be more appropriate to put this on the brazos platform without too much impact on burstcoin mining.

  • @maxles as long as the unit has the capability to scan all of the drives in under 45 - 50 ish seconds anything that will cut energy cost is worth it in my book

  • i only have 1 comp , MSI 970 SLI Krait ed with AMD 8320e cpu ... it stayed on 24/7 befor i ever got into burst and exscluding the time i spent plotting my electric has gone up an average of 5 - 10 $ per month with 14TB mining scan times are around 24 sec

  • Whats the going rate on your electric company? I'm one of the lucky ones belonging to nation where every company squeezes every penny they can out from their costumer.

    Might as well try to experiment on this one. Hope its worth the shot.

  • Off Peak Hours: $0.05740 per kWh
    On Peak Hours: $0.27646 per kWh

  • The off peak hours pertain to the night time right? thats abouts 12 hours or more right?

  • @maxles weekday night's weekends count as on peak day or night

  • I'll try to tinker on the maximmum TB as of now I currently have 4TB of storage planning to increase more bit by bit.

  • most comps even older circa 2009 -2010 era off the shelf bestbuy ones can scan up to 50TB in a min or less depending on how the drive is connected via USB3 / USB2 / SATA .... you can mine on USB2 but i would recomend keeping it under 3 or 4 TB's per USB2 controller

  • @Gibsalot Oh I see so we almost have the same rate in electric usage or yours is slightly higher.

    I'll give an update to the comparison on reading time per block once I got it up and running.

    Thanks a lot mate!