Just experienced my first real censorship in crypto...

  • I'm a significant holder of the mtmgaming asset, managed by "MisterBurst" (MikeTheMug). As the "Burst Casino" is currently offline, a member over at burstnation asked if there were plans to gamble at another casino to make profits for asset holders. I made a comment, suggesting btcdragon since it's also a crypto casino backed by a Burst asset.

    I shortly received a "violation warning" from MisterBurst, because I had "promoted" a casino that wasn't approved of. Don't get me wrong, they have it in their member rules that these words straight can't be mentioned. I raised my concern, and MisterBurst agreed: it was "100% censorship on our part".

    Being a long time burster (been mining since before dev released v2 :D ), this made me really angry! I didn't realize how bad that can be over there. I've got some colleagues I've convinced to start mining Burst, and will make sure to direct them here for support, not to a community that will censor any mention of projects they don't have control over.

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    @IncludeBeer Don'y be angry - they censor people over there for any non ra-ra posts. Welcome to the other community.

  • @haitch Ya I guess so! I mean, I knew there was some "bad blood" or something, but it really surprised me! After reading those "member rules", I've quite decided I won't be spending much time there any longer.

    I feel like it's gotten much worse since Adam came along. Don't get me wrong, I've held/hold a few of his assets, and have made (and continue to do so) some great profit from them! But I've noticed, his strategy for promotion is cut throat. Even in his yt vids, he tries very hard to never mention this forum by name, and if has to, it gets mumbled very quickly. His posts are created to advertise (colors, caps), and almost always drops tag words like "profit" and "burstnation". After you notice the extent of it, it's very ugly.

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  • @darindarin lol ya, my account was just banned over there. I fully intend to warn everyone I know getting into Burst (I'm a software engineer at a multinational molecular diagnostics company) to stay away from burstnation. Censoring/banning people because they mention projects you don't own is absolutely crazy in the crypto world. Really disappointing to see it happening in a coin I love so much.

  • @IncludeBeer Welcome to the "Banned Club" I was banned for a post I made on this Forum merely pointing out the coincidence between the stopping of the Rain and the start of the Ddos Attacks on this Forum and it's Pools. It does not take much if you hit a nerve.

    @darindarin what do you mean by black listed on their assets?


  • @IncludeBeer As far as tech support goes this forum has been around way longer and has tons of more info in the forum.

    The first time I was banned from there was when that asset first came out. I asked what happen if Mr.Burst lose all the coin? I then mentioned about how I was once very deep in the gambling world and how easy it is to lose everything. I was immediately banned and called a village idiot. He then went on to rant about how I had to be Haitch. If you search the dude and read up on him you'll see. Im afraid to even use the online wallet over there because that chit could be bugged to read your paraphrase with that dude running the show. Don't know if that is possible but don't chance it.

  • Burstnation is a marketing vehicle.

    Look at his website adamguerbuez.com or read the vice article

    Welcome to the "professionalization" of Burst marketing.
    Hey, not all is bad about this, he is pulling more people in.
    Wether this is good in the long run willl be seen.

    I'm still holding. 8)

  • @vaxman said in Just experienced my first real censorship in crypto...:

    Hey, not all is bad about this, he is pulling more people in.
    Wether this is good in the long run willl be seen.

    I agree and like a lot of what is being done on BN, however I hate the style that now exists over there. Equally I like a lot of what has been done here but wish that there was more organisation of the Forum. For instance despite being discussed for some time the "Rules" for Underage Asset Issuers and Asset Threads are still far from clear.

    I tried very carefully to not get Banned as I would much rather be contributing to both Forum's but picked up a Weeks Ban for this post on this Forum.

    @RichBC said in O.G BURST GADGET Asset Now Live! 213TB Mining Farm Pumping out Burst Coins 24/7!:

    @Dillion Yes I was very disappointed that he of all people would trash the price. I bought in at the first release and was happy with the price but have now been hit twice. As his OP says.

    Due to popular demand and the fact that this asset is selling on the Asset Exchange by other holders than myself currently for a steady price of 200 BURST per share, I have decided to put up a test and see how the market responds to shares for sale at 140 BURST per share (60 BURST cheaper than what its been currently selling for , for a very long time now)

    We were trading at 200, then he released shares at 140, now this Week long 72 Hour Sale and we are down to 90.

    How the hell did he think the market was going to "responds to shares for sale at 140"

    and then

    THIS IS A DEAL AND A HALF! Just for you guys, I put up 80k SHARES of O.G BURST GADGET at the THROWBACK price of just 99 BURST!

    As you say more akin to a market trader, and look at the tough time they gave helium when shares were sold at less then the price in the OP.

    Hell we can all give things away......


    I would add that the price is now down to 38 for a Buy (not flavour of the Month at the moment, all the promo is going into MTMG) So probably a buy at this price assuming that at some point it will hit with some Bold Coloured Text.

    And then the Permanent Ban for the post here I mentioned above.

    I would have been very happy to have had a discussion on either Forum about my posts, but to just be Banned feels very wrong.

    I honestly thought and my experience so far on Forums is that so long as you are civil then you can post or question whatever you want. More than happy to concede a point or take something back, but this we don't like it you are Banned approach, particularly when the posts I made were on this Forum, is a new one on me.

    Anyway I now know where I stand and can stop being paranoid about every word I type. I suspect the split of the Forums was inevitable and overall it's good for Burst as I can see that some individuals were frustrated by not being able to get their way on things here.


  • @Bitdv said in Just experienced my first real censorship in crypto...:

    Well the slugs heads swelling https://www.burstnation.com/wbb/index.php?thread/1960-when-you-are-such-a-legend-that-your-haters-are-unable-to-resist-supporting-ever/
    and i see he was very selective!!!

    Yes have just read the post. Have to say not entirely sure the point that Adam is trying to make. The point that he is missing is that we are very willing to take a balanced view of things and despite being Banned I will always give credit where it's due, however in exchange I would also like to question and criticise which is unfortunately not allowed.

    Amusing that they have taken screen shots in case we were to delete, why on earth would we remove them? I will reproduce the post here to save people tripping over to BN.


    I wonder why he chose to miss off the last line in my quote above?

    Question now is how high will it go , and when to dump the rest of my shares?

    Thanks Adam, some nice quotes there. I suspect there is more substance here than the usual comments you receive?


  • See how long i last before either my comment gets removed, i get banned, or both :)

    He's so full of shit and thinks he's better than anyone else....

  • I find it funny that someone refer to himself as Legendary...

  • @RichBC This is soooo hilarious!^^
    It's like cuting out faces of celebrities from magazine and puting them on different bodies to post it as an argument^^ @AdamGuerbuez More posts like that one plx :v

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    Your user account has been banned: Violation rule #1

    In record time, damn I'm so upset....

  • I made a bunch of money trading in and out of a Ponzi scheme once, great trading opportunities and ways to make money.

    Dude is unbelievably thin skinned and insecure.

  • @Hyzi0 Yes it's a real laugh. When I first started reading the post I thought it would be a collection of all of the negative issues we have raised, was quite taken aback when reading it through.

    Can he not understand that we are not "Haters or Shit Talkers" all we want is an opportunity to freely express opinions and ask searching questions.......

    Anyway we have found a way of posting while Banned on BN. :-)

    As you say Thanks and more posts like this one....


  • It was quite amusing indeed xD. Is he implying that his haters actually love his assets and want to go back and lick his boot? He cherrypicked the quotes and put them in a list. a lot more has been said in the comments about his asset's than these simple lines. Is he really just censoring information to appease his 'people' that everyone actually thinks his asset's are great? they're not, the people investing in it are great. really burstnation with adam on top is moving more and more towards some kind of totalitarian rule.

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    And after all the crap they gave me about downtime while they were DDOS'ing me, their site is down ........ Got to love Karma ......

  • @haitch well mate, get ready to be accused of any sort of S##t!
    If this is a normal downtime so nothing will happen, but if this is one of their show, get ready of EXPOSED videos and every sort of BS