Mining Deadline and HDD size

  • Hi All,

    Hope someone can help me out with the following:

    I scrolled through the forum and everyone is saying that the most important factor of getting DLs is the plotsize.
    Am I correct to state that I'm getting more DLs if I have more capacity?

    When I check the pool stats, I can see almost any time that a user with smaller capacity hitting better Deadlines.
    I can see differences of hours between the number 1 and 2. What makes a user to give out a good deadline?


  • @Darrylglenn ,

    The more plotted capacity you have the more DLs you will get.

    Capacity numbers on the pools are one of the miner's setups. I run5 miners at once, the pool only displays 1 of the 5s capacity.

  • Trying to understand this correctly:

    You are running 5 miners on the same plot files?

    Also I still do not understand what the factors are to get small DLs.
    Mine are always above 1 day:

    08:27:13 [ 7846107026805711843] confirmed DL: 378010 4d 09:00:10
    08:27:14 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 9.4 sec (80.9 MB/s) CPU 81.82%
    08:27:18 [ 7846107026805711843] confirmed DL: 94757 1d 02:19:17


  • @Darrylglenn The 5 miners will be running different plot files but using the same address however the Pool only displays the deadline from one of the Miners, so will show a lower capacity than actual.

    On Deadlines you can get a very short one from a small plot and a very long one from a large plot. However the larger your plots the greater the chance that you will get a short Deadline.


  • Thanks Rich.

    Then why would you spread your plots over multiple miners if you get shorter deadlines with more assigned plots to your mining process?

  • @Darrylglenn People spread drives over multiple PC's as one way of keeping the time to read the plots down when thay have several hundred TB.

    Read speed is important to ensure that you get through the plot file in ideally 30 seconds or less. If you have not got right through your plot it's like having a smaller plot which is a waste.


  • Additionally, when you get a read error on any plotfile it stalls the cpu miner. you have to manually restart it. If I don't check for many hours, then with only one miner running all plot files, (100% of my capacity), are stalled. With 5 miners running, then only 1/5 of the capacity stalled before a restart.

  • @RichBC Hi all
    I am checking if i understand this correctly.
    So if i have 6 drives on one pc it would be better to split them on 2 pcs with 3 drives on each but use the same wallet address on both pcs?
    So if one pcs has 10tb and the 2nd has 15tb the pool will only show that i am mining with 10tb or will it show the one that got he lowest deadline last round.
    And i am still getting credit for which ever pc finds the lowest deadline?
    So it doesn't matter what the pool thinks the size of my rig is, just the info it give to the pool. the size just gives us more opportunity to find the info the pool is looking for.

    Thank you

  • admin

    @PeterSkrzyniarz If you use two or more PC's for mining, using a miner that reports plotsize, the pool will only show the plotsize of one of the PC's - not the combined total. You are however credited for all deadlines submitted from all the PC's.

  • thanks good to know since i was starting to get to 45 or 50 sec for one of the drives when searching